What to do with unwanted goods when downsizing

What to do with unwanted goods when downsizing

Living in a large house for many years can result in the accumulation of goods that, at the end of the day, can make any move difficult. This is particularly so for those who want to downsize to a more manageable low-maintenance home at an over-50s lifestyle resort like GemLife Highfields.

People struggle to both declutter and get rid of unwanted items which are often still in good working order. They just have too many things to take with them to the new home so what do they do? Here are a few ideas when seeking to get rid of surplus or unwanted items.


Located at 192A Stephen Street, Toowoomba, Lifeline welcomes donations of clothing, books, furniture, blankets, household items and brica-brac as well as white goods, either working or not, such as gas appliances, washing machines, freezers and fridges which can be recycled.

Items can be left at Lifeline donation bins or at the main Lifeline Distribution Centre in Stephen Street between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Thursday and 8am to 2pm on Friday.

A pick-up service for donated goods or furnishings in the Darling Downs area is also available by calling 1300 991 443.


Reviva Re-use Shop

Located at the Greater Toowoomba Waste and Kleinton Management Facilities and managed by Resource Recovery Australia is the Reviva Re-Use Shop where second-hand goods are recycled and offered for sale.

Donated items can be taken to the Resource Recovery Area at the Greater Toowoomba Waste Management Facility. Staff will ensure all saleable items are separated, sorted, prepared for sale and transferred to the Re-use Shop, ready for a new life. Phone 07 4688 6290.

Trash and Treasure

Trash and Treasure is available at several waste management facilities and offers many unique and useful items to take home at a bargain price. It’s also the ideal solution for items that people find they no longer use, need or want, but could be used, needed or wanted by others. Phone 07 4638 7465.