Premiere of Ageless by GemLife

GemLife’s brand new eight-episode TV series, AGELESS, is now showing on the NINE Network!

AGELESS has been created to spark conversations and challenge misconceptions about ageing. Meet inspirational over 50 Australians who embody an ‘ageless’ mindset. One of those fascinating people is GemLife homeowner and cancer survivor, Sharon Lagden, who has created a hair-raising bucket list to remind herself she’s still alive. We really hope you enjoy the series!

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First-run on NINE HD: From Saturday, 23 March to Saturday, 11 May – 1pm to 1.30pm.

Missed an episode? You can catch up on 9Now (available for one month after broadcast) or on GemLife’s website* on the Monday following each first-run of NINE.

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In episode 1 of our new television series AGELESS, host Grey Rogers, 48, meets Sarah Jane Adams, who is a style icon, influencer, and a true rebel. Grey visits the bohemian heart of inner-city Sydney where Sarah Jane, 68, spends her life walking her own path and redefining what it is to be an ‘older woman’. The international antique jewellery dealer became an Instagram sensation overnight in her 50s and began a modeling career in her 60s when her “coolness” was discovered by major fashion houses around the world. Sometimes older people say they feel invisible, but Sarah Jane is anything but.

Ageless - Episode 2 Promo



AGELESS host Grey Rogers continues his travels west through Kununurra’s crocodile country and meets Australia’s most loveable outback widow, Barbara Walker. In her 70s, Barbara provides land care, vegetation and wildlife rehabilitation for 20,000 hectares of Australia’s infamous outback...alone. Raised in Switzerland, Barbara became obsessed with cowboys and, when exploring the Aussie outback, she stumbled across Roy’s Retreat and blindly followed her true calling. Discover what fuels Barbara to live, work and ultimately thrive in such a remote place, and why she’ll never leave.

Ageless - Episode 3 Promo



In episode 3 we meet Carole, who – after a life spent building her hairdressing empire, raising her daughter solo, and surviving cancer – has no idea how to find love. Now in her 50s, Carole is ready to seek her equal. Carole switches up her role as hairdresser and sounding board, and has a girl talk with relationship counsellor, Heidi Sommer-Ball who helps her navigate the maze of modern dating: online apps!

Then there’s Lisa, also in her 50s, who had met and lost the love of her life. Lisa is ready to date again but needs a makeover to give her the confidence she needs. Style mentor Ange Cleary helps Lisa push through her grief by bringing colour back into her personal style.

Ageless - Episode 4 Promo



Meet Arnhem Land tourism guide Tim, who at 50, launched a new career in a field he had no experience in. Tim has weathered the travails of Covid and financial hardship and got far more than he ever bargained for at this later stage in life. Tim shares the trials of staying afloat and how he pivoted not only his business, but his mindset, with the help of the locals and trusting his inner voice. For Tim, bridging geographic and cultural divides is the reason he gets up in the morning.

Ageless - Episode 5 Promo



GemLife homeowners Sharon Lagden and husband Kevin feature in this heartwarming episode, where Sharon shares an incredible story about how she survived cancer and realised that life is something to be lived to the fullest every single precious day! Feel excited for Sharon as she ticks skydiving off her bucket list! Meanwhile, relationship counsellor Heidi Sommer-Ball returns to meet retired HR Manager-turned-grey-nomad, Rhonda, who is in her 70s. After two failed relationships, Rhonda has been single for 30 years. Will Heidi convince her that letting in the right kind of love doesn’t mean letting go of her independence?

Ageless - Episode 6 Promo



Meet entrepreneurs and adventure seekers, Mark and Judy, who are in their 70s and making 30-year plans. Mark and Judy left their ex-part corporate careers and wandered around Australia with their three children searching for their ‘forever’ adventure. They stumbled upon Paronella Park – a truly magical place nestled in a lush forest with waterfalls, 120 km south of Cairns. They bought it and have been faced with every adversity from floods to cyclones to facing death, and yet they never give up.

Ageless - Episode 7 Promo



Meet Noel, 81, who after three marriages is itching to get back into the dating pool with the help of relationship counsellor, Heidi Sommer-Ball. Heidi gives Noel the practical steps he needs to take to find new love in the modern world and at a later stage in life. With Heidi’s help, Noel’s journey shows us it’s never too late to find love and bloom again.

Meanwhile, style mentor Angela Cleary helps spiritual author Natalie, from the Sunshine Coast, get back to her roots and find her true essence. Now in her 50s, Natalie has spent so many years living up to others’ expectations and struggling to fit in. Now a blank canvas, Natalie is ready to paint some colour back into her life, starting with her wardrobe. Ange takes her on a journey of East meets West – from global citizen to reconnection with her true self.

Ageless - Episode 8 Promo



At 58, Australia’s champion blind motorcycle rider Ben will show you that no matter what obstacle you’re currently facing, you can tackle it head on and embrace bigger challenges. In the final episode of AGELESS, we witness Ben ride at more than 200kms per hour alongside Kevin Magee (former Australian Grand Prix champion motorcycle rider). Kevin gives instructions to Ben every step of the way to ensure he doesn’t come off his bike, because Ben is 100 percent blind. In the season’s inspiring conclusion, Ben’s heroic tale ultimately shows host Grey Rogers that behind every AGELESS person such as Ben, Sarah Jane, Barbara, Tim, Mark and Judy, is a limitless internal mindset that defies age.

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Ange Cleary


Fashion stylist and style mentor for women over 40, Ange Cleary, is used to being behind the camera, styling celebrities for television or magazine appearances, so what was it like being herself as part of the cast on GemLife’s new TV series AGELESS?

“I had so much fun – the crew were incredible, and all my candidates were a pleasure to work with. Once I focused on exactly what I was there for – to help people reclaim their style and confidence – it all flowed and fell into place,” Ange tells GemLife when filming had wrapped.

AGELESS is an eight-episode TV series featuring inspirational Australians who prove age is only a mindset.

Ange has been styling both men and women for 25 years for editorial, television and corporate appearances, and most recently she started styling and mentoring women over 45 as they transitioned to their next life chapter. AGELESS required her to help over 50s regain their confidence, and Ange was a perfect fit for the role.

“Turning 50 myself last year, it felt natural and genuine to help align with others going through changes, mentally and physically,” she said.

“Taking pride in your appearance is often seen as being self-indulgent or vain, however I want to change that conversation to align with self-respect and self-value. First impressions as we know are quite powerful. Unlocking potential and stepping out of your comfort zone is how we grow. Ageless is all about growth, changing the dialogue and stepping into your magic.”

Ange said so often in the over-50s age bracket she hears men and women say that they feel invisible.

“It’s sad to hear that most people feel that youthful looks and a number determine your value in society. It’s just not the case. The most interesting, dynamic and inspiring people I have ever met are all over 50.

“When I style someone, I first try to find out what is really going on deep inside their thoughts. Old thought patterns, programming, and self-loathing mirror moments are always the barriers. Once we determine their true style personality and what inspires them, we can then address how that is reflected in what they wear and how the world perceives them. It’s a domino effect to be honest. Once you feel good, you look good, and you just walk and hold yourself with more confidence.”

Ange said many people also struggle to let go of the past, and that is often reflected in their wardrobes too.

“The past chapters of their lives are all hanging in front of them. I believe your clothes carry energy and memories. You may have been through divorce, illness, trauma, weight change, life change, job loss and what you wore at that time of life is staring back at you reminding you,” she said.

“I encourage big wardrobe purges and only having items in your wardrobe that you love and wear all the time. My rule of thumb is, if you haven’t touched it for two years you’re probably not going to. Move it on, donate, give to a friend, or sell. Make room in your life and your wardrobe for the new and rejuvenated YOU. You are not your past.”

Watch Ange Cleary and her transformational makeovers in episodes 3 and 7 of GemLife’s new TV series AGELESS.

Heidi Sommer-Ball


Heidi Sommer-Ball is a relationship counsellor from Brisbane, who appears on GemLife’s new TV series, AGELESS, which has been created to challenge misconceptions about ageing.

You probably wouldn’t know it from watching the show, but it’s the first time Heidi has been part of a TV series – usually she’s behind the microphone as a guest commentator on radio! Despite it being her first time in front of the camera, she steadily gave advice to inspirational over 50s on the show about how they could navigate love in the digital world.

“I loved my experience on the show – much more than I’d anticipated. The crew was particularly welcoming and after running my own private practice for so long, it was nice to work in a team,” Heidi tells GemLife after filming wrapped.

“It also gave me a chance to push and challenge myself. Normally my sessions are private, so it was interesting and fun to challenge my skills while on full display to not only the person I was supporting, but in front of the whole filming crew.”

Heidi, 50, is passionate about helping people with all aspects of their lives, and has worked with clients from all age groups, from children to those in their 80s. She is also a marriage celebrant.

For AGELESS, she was asked to help inspirational Australians over 50 explore the possibilities of finding love again – something she’s familiar with in her practice as well.

“I see a lot of single people in their 40s and 50s and they want to explore how they might play out the second half of their life,” Heidi said. “They might be wanting to change or have been forced into change if they’ve experienced the death of a partner, for example.

“A lot of life has been lived by the time you are 40 or 50 and behaviours are engrained so if you are seeking change, it’s possible but it takes hard work,” she said. “We basically have to ‘unlearn’ the way the way we did things the first time. If someone leaves a marriage where they didn’t feel happy, or loved, or felt unheard, then they might need to relearn and have a refreshed approach to their own behaviours and what they would like in a partner.”

While everyone is different, there are some common themes arising from people wanting to get back into the dating game. For men their fears are often centred around not being successful enough, while for women it’s often fears based on being judged for how they look.

“Generally speaking, women often feel they are ‘too old, overweight, wrinkly, have too much baggage, or have been out of the game too long’,” Heidi said. “Men are often worried about being perceived as successful. They worry women only want money and security.

“When this happens, I generally ask them to look at their own values system, and would their best friend be judging them on those things? Do they look for those things in a potential partner, and often you’ll find the answer is no. They are looking for other traits.

“Of course, there are people out there that do care about status, money, or looks but I say to them that those people are not your people. Put a strike through those ones and hit ‘next’.”

As you’ll see on AGELESS, Heidi is passionate about online dating.

“So many people in the over-50s age bracket are reluctant to do so and that might be because they’re unfamiliar with it. Everything is online though and online dating is efficient. They text their grandchildren, and use the internet for other things so why not for dating? If you’re not going to start lining up at the post office to pay your bills again, perhaps look at this the same way. I’ve done online dating and I walk people through it. There are always going to be red flags to watch out for, but there are red flags to watch out for if you meet someone at the pub. I encourage people to give it a try.”

To see more of Heidi’s great relationship, confidence-building, and dating advice, catch her on episodes 3, 5 and 7 of GemLife’s TV series, AGELESS on the NINE Network.

Tim Neilson


Tim Nielsen is proving just how true the saying is ‘it’s never too late to follow your dreams’.

The farmer, appearing in episode four of GemLife’s TV series AGELESS, tackled a new career path in his 50s, venturing into an industry he had no prior experience and transitioning from life in the Adelaide Hills to the outback on Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

Tim said when entering his fifties, he knew we wanted to make a change.

“For more than a decade, my wife and I dedicated ourselves to our apple and pear orchard in South Australia. However, as my fifties approached, I realised I no longer had a spark for farming, so I decided it was time to try something else,” he said.

“I spent my childhood in Darwin surrounded by rich culture and had always had a passion and deep respect for the lands and Indigenous cultures in the Northern Territory.

“So, in 2019, when I saw a touring company called Top End Day Tours was available, I decided to purchase it and start the next chapter of my life.

“I came into the touring industry with no prior knowledge, I didn’t even know how to process a booking. However, like most things in life, I took each day as it came.

“Now, I’m 54-years-old and I wake up each day grateful for the choice I made.

“I have spent my days over the past five years working with many traditional owner groups, including the Manilarrga peoples, sharing Arnhem Land’s unique beauty and cultures with travellers from around Australia and the world.”

Tim said he hoped being part of the new AGELESS series would inspire people over 50 to pursue their passions.

“I know a lot of people entering their fifties feel they can’t make a significant change because the perceived risk or fear of starting over feels too intimidating for them, or they are happy to be on autopilot waiting for retirement,” he said.

“There is nothing wrong with that, but I think those willing to bet on themselves would be pleasantly surprised and would regret not trying even more.

“To me, being ageless means staying curious. It means embracing each day as a gift— an opportunity to try something new. I’m testament to the old adage that you’re never too old to pursue your dreams,” he said.