It's showtime for GemLife’s Living Proof, a brand-new over-50s lifestyle program made for and about our homeowners. Created to inform, inspire and empower residents through engaging content that includes everything from fashion, health and wellness, to travel and the latest technology insights.

Each episode of this vibrant ongoing series will go live on the last Friday of the month. We hope you enjoy the show!

Living Proof - Episode 1

Welcome to the premiere episode of GemLife’s brand-new lifestyle program, Living Proof! Whether you have a passion for fashion and travel or want to get some expert health and technology tips, read on for a synopsis of each of the show’s segments this month.

Be part of the show!

If you have suggestions for future episodes of Living Proof or would like to participate or nominate a partner or friend to take part in the show’s health or fashion segments, or have some great travel destinations you’d like to share, email us today at [email protected]

*GemLife homeowners only