Pacific Paradise

The grandparent experience – Bonding and being there

The Grandparent Experience

Life for Brian and Anita Rollinson has been taken to new levels through the strong bond they enjoy with their five grandchildren.

At six-years-old, Frankie is the youngest and the one who visits most. She loves cuddles, can’t get enough of her grandparents’ company and loves to join them in many activities and experiences.

The Grandparent Experience“Frankie brings so much joy and happiness into our lives and we look forward to every visit,” said Anita.

She said that living at GemLife Pacific Paradise was a huge advantage when it came to hosting their grandchildren.

“Everything Frankie loves to do is here at the resort, so we hardly ever have to leave, except for the occasional day out on the sand at nearby Mudjimba Beach.”

The recent opening of the resort’s Paradise Pavilion also saw young Frankie keen for a dip in the new pool with her Nene and Poppa, as she calls them.

“It was so cold that day, but we had to do it for our granddaughter’s sake. It’s what grandparents do! Fortunately, Frankie was cold too and wanted to get out almost immediately, much to our delight, but it’s on her wish list to dive in again soon,” laughed Anita.

Finding activities to share can be challenging for some grandparents, but not for Anita and Brian.

“There is so much to do here at the resort that we never have a problem. While Poppa’s catching up with friends in the bar, Frankie and I will go downstairs for a game of pickleball,” said Anita.

In fact, the active youngster has a list of regular things she loves to do ranging from swimming, handball, bocce and piggy-in-the-middle, to helping her Nene cook up a batch of cupcakes, and every child’s favourite – licking the beaters afterwards.

When celebrating Mother’s Day this year, Anita was surrounded by all her grandchildren including Lillyana 19, Grace 16, Bailey 16, Charlize 14, and little Frankie.

The Grandparent Experience“We were lucky to have three beautiful children Carla, Kristy and Matthew, and every so often we all, including our grandchildren, make a point of getting together or keeping in touch on group chats or by text.”

What is it like looking after an energetic six-year-old after you have already brought up your own family and are living a more leisurely lifestyle within an over-50s resort?

“It’s fantastic! Frankie brings something special into our lives and keeps us young by ensuring we are kept on the go. We are always learning new things together. We play games and we have even taught her how to play the ukulele, and we are always laughing,” said Anita.

When it comes to Frankie, Anita says the couple can’t see enough of her.

“We are really sad when she goes. We try to nurture and be there for all our grandchildren and we love to spoil them but what is really special is the bond we share with each and every one of them. We love being grandparents!”