Moreton Bay

Time for a new start – With the day’s catch for dinner!

Time for a new start - With the day’s catch for dinner!


Laurie’s future home is among the first settlements in Stage One, and he looks forward to seeing more of his daughter, Samantha Stevens, who is based onsite as GemLife Moreton Bay’s sales manager!

“Samantha has told me that we’ll need to set some boundaries when I move in,” Laurie laughed.

Samantha concurred: “My dad is funny and loves a chat. I won’t get any work done if he’s constantly visiting the sales office!”

Laurie, 70, is very much looking forward to the move into the eco-luxury resort, where he has purchased a modern two-bedroom home with media room.

“I credit Samantha with all the work she’s done encouraging me to consider GemLife Moreton Bay and I can really see the benefit of doing so,” he said.

“You’d be surprised at the amount of people I’ve met travelling during the past six months who are GemLife homeowners, and they’ve all been so happy with their decisions, which makes me think this will be a good move.”

Laurie, who is a former tradie and body builder, loves to keep fit and has a keen sense of adventure.

Following the passing of Laurie’s partner Jilly ten months ago, he decided he needed a change, so he left their retirement village at Yeronga and bought a small camper van.

“Jilly was definitely not a camper, no,” he grinned. “We had a fantastic 15 years together and we did a lot of travelling in Australia. She had a saying of ‘I love sleeping under the stars, but they have to be five stars’!”

While Laurie has enjoyed his time travelling and house sitting for his kids and extended family, there was one time his camper van just didn’t cut it.

“Before Christmas I was in western Queensland near Longreach, and it got to 48 degrees. My little van isn’t as flash as the ones GemLife has. I booked into a motel at Barcaldine to get some air conditioning!”

Laurie is sure the cool sea breezes from Moreton Bay will be a lot more pleasant when he moves in later this year.

“When I was 13 or 14, my parents used to take me camping, fishing and crabbing at the Burpengary Creek which is on the northern border of GemLife Moreton Bay so I’m looking forward to doing that again,” he says.

“When the resort facilities come online too, I’ll play tennis, pickleball, bowls, use the golf simulator and the gym.”

Being a very social and sporty person, Samantha knows her dad will fit right in to active, resort living!

“Dad is a great man and the best father who deserves to enjoy the next phase of his life in luxury with all the fabulous facilities and green open spaces at his doorstep,” Samantha said.

“He’s been to see a GemLife Rainbow Beach display home and Country Club and that just blew his mind – he was so impressed!”