Run The Rock

Run the Rock starting line

Residents ramp up for the annual community event


GemLife resident Andrew Spencer has signed up to participate for the third year in a row.

“I have already registered for the 5km walk,” said Andrew. “I did the 5km last year as well, and the year before that I walked the 13.5km, but I injured my ankle after that, so I stick to the 5km now.”

Staying healthy and living an active lifestyle is a priority for Andrew who keeps himself busy with a variety of activities in and around GemLife.

“I walk probably five or six days a week for five to ten kilometres. I play golf and bowls as well,” he said.

“I have also been volunteering for Parks Victoria and run some guided hikes in Mount Macedon a couple times a month.”

Wendy Burgener, a fellow GemLife Woodend homeowner, is hoping to challenge herself at Run The Rock 2023 after participating for the first time in 2022.

“I completed the 5km last year – I walked the rock, and it was easy!” Wendy said.

“I’m a lot more active than I was back then. I’ve been using the resort gym and I joined a bike riding group that ride twice a week, so I might sign up for the 13.5km this time.”

Wendy was first inspired by a group of friends she met at the resort’s Country Club on Saturday afternoons for a quiet drink last year. The Charlie’s Angels – named after the resident who started it off – are regular participants at the annual event.

“It’s always easier to walk with a friend instead of on your own,” Wendy shared.

“Last year a friend and I were so busy talking while we walked that we didn’t even realise we were done!”

Andrew agreed, “If you walk with a buddy and talk, five kilometres is not as long as it sounds. The distance will be covered, and you won’t even realise it.

“My wife didn’t think she would make it to the end last year, but she walked and chatted with a friend and found it pretty easy.”

With a wide range of active groups at GemLife, Andrew believes anyone can train to walk in the five-kilometre category, with walking proving to be one of the most popular activities at GemLife over-50s lifestyle resorts, according to a recent survey.

“Those interested can join the walking group at GemLife. They do daily five-kilometre walks into Woodend to have a coffee and come back. Get out and do a few practise walks to see if you can do the distance,” said Andrew.

“The event is held at Hanging Rock which is a beautiful part of the world. You’ll get to enjoy the fresh air and have a wonderful time with your fellow residents.”

Wendy adds, “And don’t forget to dress warmly because it can get quite cold!”

Registrations have now closed but if you would still like to participate contact Lisa Grant, Lifestyle and Events Manager, at [email protected]