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Passionate about pickleball

Passionate about pickleball

Sam and Ian Morris took up the sport of pickleball three years ago and say it is the perfect activity for those interested in challenging themselves with a new hobby at the resort.

Sam describes pickleball as a cross between badminton, tennis and table tennis. “It’s played on a badminton-size court with a tennis-like net and the shots are similar to tennis,” said Sam.

The Morris’, who are members of the Bribie Island Pickleball Club and the GemLife social pickleball group, say pickleball is an excellent alternative to tennis for those who struggle with joint pain or mobility issues.

“It’s much easier on your body then tennis, the racket and the ball are lighter and there’s less running, so it’s less physically demanding,” said Sam.

“It’s a great new sport to try, you don’t need total mobility because we play in doubles. If you’re a fan of any sort of ball games then I’m sure you’ll love pickleball.”

The GemLife pickleball social group gets together on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and newcomers are always welcome.

“There’s about ten or so of us who get together and while some people are playing the rest of us will sit off to the side and have a chat. So it’s a good social activity too,” said Sam.

“There’s lots of newcomers. It’s very satisfying to introduce someone to a new sport and to see them having fun with it.” “Most people who play it enjoy it and we’re happy to give people a run-down and introduce them to the sport. We’re a friendly bunch so come on down and give it a try!”

Ian and Sam are enjoying life at the resort and have embraced an active lifestyle, making the most of the facilities, classes and clubs on offer at GemLife Bribie Island.

“We also like lawn bowls, tennis, and playing pool in the games room, I like the exercise classes and Ian is about to join the social golf club, so we keep very active,” said Sam.

The Morris’ read about GemLife Bribie Island in the newspaper three years ago and haven’t looked back since. “We’d been thinking about downsizing so we made an appointment and ended up loving it so much that we didn’t even look anywhere else,” she said.

Passionate about pickleball

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