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Referrals reward friends’ recommendations

Nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family when it comes to making decisions on everything from trying a new restaurant or joining an exercise class to purchasing the latest smartphone or buying a home in an over-50s lifestyle resort.

In fact, many homeowners’ decisions to move into a GemLife resort were influenced by glowing reviews from trusted friends or family members, something the company rewards through a special referral program, putting $1000 in each referrer’s pocket.

For GemLife Bribie Island resident Barry Cornford, who moved into the resort earlier this year, little did he know that sharing his enthusiasm for his new home with friends, Steven and Linda Young, would start a chain reaction of referrals.

“One of the sales staff told me about the program and I was more than happy to recommend the resort to Linda and Steve,” said Barry.

“I looked at many other over-50s resorts and the homes at GemLife are much better – none of the others have a patch on GemLife,” he said.

“I love the resort and the facilities are magnificent. And getting $1000 is a nice bonus!”

Linda, who moved to GemLife Bribie Island three months ago with husband Steve, wholeheartedly agrees.

Before seeing the resort, Linda was sceptical, believing she could never live in an over-50s lifestyle resort.

“But when I drove up to the front gates, I said ‘Oh my God! Look at this place’ and told Steve ‘I could live here’,” said Linda.

After talking to Barry later, and learning about his upcoming move to GemLife Bribie Island, he told her that his first drive through the resort’s front gates gave him the exact same feeling.

“I absolutely love it here. Steve said the smile on my face makes him know we did the right thing by moving here,” said Linda.

Linda values the sense of safety of living in a secure, gated resort, as well as the friendliness of the community.

“When we go to the country club, I feel like we belong – everyone makes the effort to say hello and feel welcome,” she said.

The Youngs’ enthusiasm for their new lifestyle prompted their good friends, Gillian and Stewart Myers, to have a second look at the resort. On that visit, the Myers put a deposit down and they, in turn, motivated mutual friends Julie and Rob McLaren to do the same.

“Like us, Julie and Rob looked at several other places but they didn’t have the ‘wow factor’ that GemLife has,” said Linda.

GemLife values the power of word-of-mouth endorsements and set up the referral program as a way to thank residents for their support and encourage other residents to share their thoughts with friends, family and acquaintances too.

GemLife $1000 Referral Reward Program
If you love the GemLife experience, spread the word and earn yourself $1000. The GemLife $1000 Referral Reward Program applies to current residents who refer a future resident to any GemLife resort Australia-wide.
For full terms and conditions, click here.

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