Play a Friendly Game of Cards Near Highfields

Play a Friendly Game of Cards Near Highfields

As anyone living at GemLife Highfields knows, opportunities to form friendships with likeminded neighbours abound.

But did you know there are also opportunities to enjoy some good old-fashioned mateship in the wider community, too?

Best of all, you can even play a game of cards at the same time.


TOMNET is “The Older Men’s Network”.

A community organisation servicing Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, their focus is on helping men in the over-50s age group reconnect with one another and the community.

TOMNET recognises that post-retirement can be a difficult period of life – especially for those who lose spouses or partners during this time, or who are isolated by distance from friends and family. In response to this challenge, the organisation does all they can to help over-50s men enjoy opportunities to spend time together, build friendships and mentor younger men in the community. Even if you don’t need the support of TOMNET yourself (there’s no shame if you do!), you can become involved and build connections with other over-50s men who live in Highfields and the surrounding area.

Cards at TOMNET

Friendly, non-competitive card games at TOMNET are scheduled from 8:00-11:00 am every Wednesday morning in 2017.

Cards are held at the TOMNET centre, which is located at 223 Hume Street in Toowoomba – about 15-20 minutes by car from Highfields.

All men over the age of 50 are welcome to get involved, so if you enjoy a good game of cards and you’re interested in making new friends, why not pop along and see what it’s all about?


** Every endeavour has been made to ensure that this information is correct at the time of publishing. However, as GemLife Highfields is not associated with TOMNET, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information we have shared. As such, we recommend you contact TOMNET directly to learn more.

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