Long-time friends & three-time neighbours

Highfields residents, Garry and Jean Dwyer and Greg and Helen Sanderson, become instant friends after meeting for the first time in 1989 and their friendship has stood the test of time.

“We’ve been neighbours on three separate occasions, it’s an interesting situation,” said Jean.

The Dwyers and Sandersons met and became neighbours for the first time when Garry and Jean built a home across the road from Greg and Helen in Toowoomba.

“Years after building that home we decided to sell it. Greg and Helen then sold us the block of land right next to them and we became even closer neighbours,” she said.

Years later the couples went their separate ways moving to different parts of the Toowoomba region, but their friendship didn’t end.

“We stayed good friends even after we stopped living next to each other and we continued to keep in touch and get together regularly,” said Greg.

Late last year the long-time friends unexpectedly bumped into one another on the streets of Highfields.

“Helen and I were walking down the street to take a look at GemLife and we bumped into Garry and Jean on the street and they came with us,” said Greg.

“We all ended up deciding on the same
day that we were going to move to GemLife.” The Dwyers moved into their new home in December while the Sandersons made the move to GemLife mid-June.

“There’s a lot of things we enjoy about GemLife. The facilities are wonderful and we love the country atmosphere,” said Jean.

“We are still busy moving in and everybody at the resort is very friendly. Our home is just a few doors down from Jean and Garry so we’re looking forward to being (almost) neighbours again,” said Greg.

The friends are looking forward to many happy years at the resort.

“We all just click with each other and over the years we’ve made so many great memories and we are looking forward to making many more.”

GemLife Highfields

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