Health & Fitness Tips for Over 50s

Health tips from former fitness instructor

Keeping healthy means doing things that are good for your body such as exercising, eating nutritious food, and getting enough sleep.

We asked GemLife Woodend resident and former fitness instructor Danielle Formica for her three top tips for keeping healthy.

Less sugar, more water

It’s easy to crave sugar. Our bodies get used to it and demand it and then it becomes hard to quit. A glass of water is refreshing and is necessary to hydrate us. It keeps our skin looking young and healthy as hydrating from the inside as well as moisturising from the outside is essential.

Not keen on plain water? Add a little lemon juice, cucumber slices or fruit pieces with some mint leaves.

Eventually, water will become a habit. Drink a glass of water with a meal or before a coffee and after the coffee, as the Italians do (coffee is delicious but dehydrating). Also, drink a glass when you wake up every morning, after going to the toilet throughout the day, during and after exercise, and when it is hot.

Move more, sit less

Obviously, there are times when sitting for extended periods is unavoidable such as at the movies or when flying, so do not be too hard on yourself.

There are moves that can be done while sitting but if possible, take a break every half an hour and walk around the room, do some squats, stretches and knee raises or go outside for some fresh air. This will relieve stress and tension.

Take baby steps

Moderation! Put less on your plate (use a smaller plate), eat slower and savour every mouthful, put your knife and fork down while you chew and enjoy, take a drink of water during the meal and you will feel fuller and less inclined to go for seconds or have a sweet after.

Don’t deny yourself. Enjoy a treat now and again, but eat it slowly and taste it, as if it is your last chance to eat it.