Who’s Who – Nicola Gardner Cowell and Ray Cowell

Who’s Who – Nicola Gardner Cowell and Ray Cowell

After being self-confessed workaholics for much of their adult lives, Nicola and Ray have finally decided to spend some much needed relaxation time by taking up residence at GemLife Bribie Island. Nicola and Ray met in 1986 at a work Christmas party and have been inseparable ever since:

“During a two-year period where Nicola was working and I had retired, I had plenty of time to think about what we wanted to do. Our home was situated on 0.25 of an acre, which we could handle at the time – but in ten years, what then? he said.

“Nicola and I have a ten-year age difference, so we wanted to do something sooner rather than later, as many people leave it too late. It seems to be quite a typical story. We looked at many places to live and were very interested in the idea of living near the water. Then we realised, the place we used to go on the weekends – Bribie Island – had a resort!

“Having searched around for active lifestyle resorts, we settled on GemLife – purely because there is no product like it. Others just weren’t comparable. One thing we have always noticed with GemLife is that they seem to really listen to their residents. Everyone’s ideas get taken on board and we see them implemented – that is a very rare occurrence elsewhere.

“For us, moving to GemLife Bribie Island will be a win win. We spent so much time working that our social lives often took a backseat – so this really is a great chance for us – and with the stunning location, we can’t wait!

“We’ve been renting the last three months, and finally blinds have been installed on our very large bedroom windows, as previously we only had net curtains (which caused more than one funny incident), then we got the news that the building plans for our GemLife home at been approved! It really was a very exciting afternoon!

“We both love walking – sometimes even trekking 10km just for a cup of coffee – so the walking tracks around the island are perfect for us. We’re really looking forward to all the activities at the resort and of course, learning new things. Ever since the first phone call to GemLife, we’ve been involved with many of the morning teas and events where we’ve met so many lovely people – it really is the start of a community, before we’ve even moved in!

“Last but not least, a big thank you to Liz and Glenys”

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