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Trekking to Tara – GemLife couples’ convoy heads west

GemLife couples’ with map in hand discussing trip to Tara


The trip to the Tara Festival of Culture and Camel Races on Queensland’s Western Downs later this month appealed to Robyn and Frank Colbram, their in-laws Jane and Scott Bruce, and longtime friends Johanna and Ralph Guennes, who all live at the resort, from the moment they first heard about it. 

The three couples were quick to each book an Explore by GemLife motorhome to travel in style. 

“We love sharing experiences with friends and family and couldn’t think of a better event than to travel out west to the camel races in the eye-catching Explore by GemLife motorhomes. They have all the comforts we could ever need for a trip like this, and we can’t wait to hit the road,” said Robyn and Frank, who will be taking the GemLife RV out for a second time. 

At the time of booking the five-day, four-night trip away, the couples were unaware of the festival’s popularity with fellow Gemlife Bribie Island residents. 

“It is turning into a real Gemlife meet! I have heard there will be about nine couples from Gemlife Bribie Island going to the camel races. It is such a strong contingent that the staff at the campsite, which is in the Tara Showgrounds, has given us a special place for all the caravans and motorhomes from our resort. It is going to be fabulous,” said Frank and Robyn, who know nearly all the couples set to take part. 

They have no doubt the Explore by GemLife motorhomes will stand out in the crowd. 

“Even when we took it out last time, it attracted so much interest from people everywhere. The beautiful artwork on each vehicle is just stunning,” said Robyn. 

While the three couples have known each other for over 35 years, this will be the first time they have all ventured out on a road trip together. 

“It was difficult to do it prior to moving into the resort because we were all living in different states, but now that we are all together and surrounded by like-minded people who love a laugh, travelling together in convoy is something we can enjoy as often as we like. We do not have caravans, so the Explore by GemLife RVs are a great option for all of us,” said Jane. 

Johanna agreed and said the couples, who live close to each other, get together regularly for dinners, cards, and coffee, and it was great to add a road trip together to the mix. 

The friends are looking forward to the trip to Tara to watch the camels race and join in the fun at the festival while building new friendships, sharing a drink, toasted marshmallows, and some great stories around the open fire with their fellow GemLife travel enthusiasts. 

“It is certainly going to be a different experience to the mouse races we attended in Bylong, NSW one year,” laughed Jane. 

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