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Coastal Cool – Maroochy’s new country club a statement in style

Coastal Cool – Maroochy’s new country club a statement in style

Contemporary, sleek, and visually light thanks to the abundant use of glass, the new GemLife Maroochy Quays country club is set to make a statement in style.

As construction on the spectacular two-storey lakeside country club edges closer to completion in readiness for its grand opening on Saturday, 25 September, GemLife Manager of Interior Design, Jennifer Kyle, is sure the big reveal will not fail to impress.

The striking modern style of the country club is a first for GemLife, projecting a coastal cool look that mirrors the clean architectural lines of the building. “The interior design direction for the Maroochy Quays Country Club is a departure from everything we’ve done so far,” Jennifer said.

“Because the building is streamlined and angular with lots of glass and natural light, we’ve gone with a colour palette that is light, fresh and natural, in keeping with the Sunshine Coast location,” she said.

“I am excited for residents and visitors to see it for themselves next month!.”

Stand-out style pieces
The country club’s interiors have been thoughtfully designed to balance proportions and visual impact. Light and airy yet relaxed and inviting, the look and feel of the interiors is elevated with a host of stand-out style pieces.

Coastal Cool – Maroochy’s new country club a statement in style2

First impressions
One of the hero pieces, according to Jennifer, is a soaring feature wall in the entrance lobby. Creating a strong first impression, the wall is crafted from a ripple-effect manmade stone that pays homage to the nearby Maroochydore River and its tributaries.

Flowing organic shapes are etched into the surface of the light, natural-coloured stone, lending a graceful sense of movement to the lofty 6.5m by 4m wide wall.

“It will really make a grand statement that sets the tone for the rest of the interiors,” said Jennifer.

Coastal Cool – Maroochy’s new country club a statement in style3Let there be light
Another of Jennifer’s favourite pieces is an eye-catching architectural light fixture that almost looks like a Salvador Dali painting brought to life (similar example pictured right).

The lighting piece, which will adorn the entry lobby, features abstract cloud-like forms made of acrylic. Hanging in six separate levels, each shape will seem to stretch, twist, and change.

“It will be quite magical. The pendant style lighting design will create gentle, softly glowing optical illusions that suggest real clouds,” said Jennifer.

“It will look amazing against the foyer’s feature wall and the natural movement of the clouds will cast gorgeous shadows which will change as the day’s light changes,” she said.

“The piece is made by an Australian company on the Gold Coast which has clients all over the world. I cannot wait to see it in place.”

Coastal Cool – Maroochy’s new country club a statement in style4Original artwork
Artwork is one of the most transformative and impactful parts of interior design, and Jennifer has commissioned five large original abstract paintings from Queensland visual artist Shayle Flesser, exclusively for the country club.

“Shayle’s works have been shown all over the world and she has done a lot of commission pieces for major building projects, including the Dorsett hotel and apartment complex on the Gold Coast,” said Jennifer.

Coastal Cool – Maroochy’s new country club a statement in style5“For Maroochy Quays, she will be taking her inspiration from the interior design colour palette which has lots of light, natural tones, muted shades of green and blue and a bit of yellow for a hint of sunshine,” she said.

“Shayle loves to work with colour, form and texture, and inject a sense of context into a piece from its location. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished paintings!”

Jennifer is also excited about four Slim Aarons prints, iconic works by mid-20th Century jet-set photographer whose 1974 coffee table book A Wonderful Time remains a staple of style-savvy designers worldwide.

“Fashion designer Anna Sui called his book the quintessential guide for good taste. His photos are timelessly stylish and very much in keeping with the good life on the Sunshine Coast,” she said.

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