Maroochy Quays

Zumba for fitness and fun

Zumba for fitness and fun

The dance floor at GemLife Maroochy Quays’ stunning new country club has become a popular space for active residents who dance for fitness and fun in twice-weekly Zumba classes.

Resort Homeowner Coordinator Lyn Taylor said that what started off as aerobic classes every Monday, turned into Zumba classes every Tuesday and Thursday.

“We were chatting one day after our aerobics class, and I brought up that I used to dance a lot – from rock and roll to ballroom dancing, and even Zumba. Many of the residents were interested in giving Zumba a go, so it snowballed from there.”

A combination of Latin and international music with dance moves, Zumba is like an organised dance party disguised as a high-energy workout. Regularly moving to some catchy dance music not only keeps your body fit and toned, but it can also help destress and lift your mood.

Doing Zumba has many health benefits such as better coordination, improved heart health and mobility, enhanced cognitive function – all while being easy on the joints.

“I love dancing and we have many music and dance lovers here at our resort. They are enthusiastic about getting fit and join our Zumba classes twice a week. The more you try, the more you learn,” said Lyn.

“There’s no Zumba instructor but we are happy to watch a new YouTube Zumba video on the projector screen for every class. The best part is that you don’t need a partner. You can do it on your own and have fun!”

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