Bribie Island

Who’s Who – Yvonne and Noel Weeks

Who's Who: Yvonne and Noel Weeks

After being initially put off by the idea of a retirement village, both Yvonne and Noel were referred to active lifestyle resorts by siblings (one on Yvonne’s side of the family at Hope Island and the other on Noel’s side of the family in Newcastle). After visiting both sides of the family, they saw what was on offer. They had been looking around for potential resorts for about a year when Noel spotted the website for GemLife resort living in Bribie Island. They both felt that it ticked all the boxes. Yvonne tells us a little bit more about Noel, herself, and the decision to choose GemLife Bribie Island:

“We had a lot of preconceptions as to what active lifestyle resorts were. When our family referred us to active lifestyle resorts we thought the way they were operated and what they were offering was really fantastic. We became very enthusiastic when we realised how similar the social side was to Caravan Clubs which meet only one week of every month. We were sold on the idea!

“When we discovered GemLife Bribie Island we knew it was the right choice. For me it had to be as close to grandchildren as possible and as our family are only a 45-60 min drive away, Bribie got a huge tick. We lived at Scarborough with only a 100m walk to the esplanade so when we realised that GemLife Bribie Island has the lake and that it’s just a short walk through the National Park to the beach it was another tick from both of us. I love walking so GemLife Bribie Island and its location near the Pumicestone Passage ticked even more boxes. Bribie Island, particularly Pumicestone Passage has such an island feel to it and I love that.

“We loved that there’s something for everyone at GemLife Bribie Island. Noel is a real problem solver and loves to fix and tinker. He’s really looking forward to utilising the workshop, learning to bowl and trying his hand at remote control boats, whereas I can’t wait to use the gym, set up walking groups, and meet new people. GemLife Bribie Island appears to have the whole package – especially for meeting and greeting the like-minded.

“For now, we are living in our caravan and have plans to do a little house sitting before we settle into our GemLife home. We are very happy that there is caravan storage at the resort and as we have plans to travel to Tasmania early next year it is great to think that our house will be safe and protected. With all five of our granddaughters at school next year, we will have a lot more freedom!”