Who’s Who – Diana and Marshall Cass

Who’s Who – Diana and Marshall Cass

Picking the right time in life to make the move is important to many GemLife residents. No more is this more relevant than in the case of the Cass family who recently decided to settle in GemLife Bribie Island having been locals since 2004:

“My wife is slightly older than me, so for this time of her life making the move to GemLife Bribie Island is perfect – and if it’s one thing I’ve learned – a happy wife equals a happy life,” said Marshall, who has spent the last 20 years travelling as a motorsport photographer.

“We first saw the advertisement for GemLife Bribie Island in the paper. It was at that point that I had just finished a round of radiotherapy, and the rest of my family were interstate so I worried that something could happen. The house was already on the market, so the move just made sense,” said Diana.

“Marshall is a golfer, and it was his friends that in fact persuaded him to make the move as they had already signed up!

“I keep fit so I’m really looking forward to all the facilities that GemLife Bribie Island offers. I walk an hour every morning already and there are plenty of gorgeous walking tracks around the area that I’m looking forward to utilising. I know that these resorts often offer group water aerobics and other social activities which would be just perfect for me.

“We’ve always loved Bribie Island and in fact had a weekender property here for 22 years before we finally made the move to live here permanently. We can’t wait to start our new chapter at GemLife Bribie Island.”

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