What’s growing at Highfields

GemLife Highfields is exploding with colour this winter with a plethora of fresh fruits and veggies, including broccoli, tomatoes, lemons and eggplants, all thriving in the community garden.

Resident and pharmacy assistant Monica Lampard enjoys making use of the resort’s many social and recreational facilities including the community garden where residents can take in the fresh country air and get their hands dirty.

“We call the garden everybody’s backyard. Right now there are a few of us who mostly look after it, but everyone is welcome to come and help,” said Monica.

“Even those who don’t know much about gardening or aren’t physically able to do much are welcome to get involved in any capacity they like, whether it’s just doing a bit of weeding or donating seedlings that they’d like us to grow for them.”

Monica enjoys meeting up with the garden club over the weekend to relax and unwind after working during the week.

“I’m still working, so for me gardening is something that I like to do to take care of my mental wellbeing. It’s satisfying to see the crops progress and it’s good to get some sunlight and fresh air. I love it,” she said.

Residents Steve and Carol Smith, who moved to Highfields from the Gold Coast to embrace a more laid-back country lifestyle, enjoy the social side of the community garden.

“It’s a great outdoor activity and what I like about the community garden is the social aspect. You don’t have to do it alone like you would if you just had your own garden in your yard. There’s a nice community and of course, you get some fresh produce out of it,” said Steve.

All residents are invited to join the gardening club, which meets every Saturday between 8:00 and 8:30am, or simply stop by the garden to make donations and pick their favourite produce.

“The garden is always open and people are welcome to stop by anytime. On Saturdays, after we do the weeding and pruning and pick the produce, we send a text out and then people can come by and take home some produce for a coin donation,” he said.

The community garden was set u

p last year, with GemLife donating nine garden beds and five fruit trees, as well as a shed with lots of tools for resident use.

“We’d really like to thank Adrian and the GemLife team for taking a genuine interest in residents and for donating the garden area and all the tools,” said Monica.

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