Maroochy Quays, Woodend

What family thinks matters. Relatives influenced by GemLife staff’s belief in product

What family thinks matters

When considering making a major purchase there is nothing more reassuring than a recommendation from a family member, especially if that person knows the product like the back of their hand.

Such was the case for GemLife Maroochy Quays Sales Manager Joanne Michalowsky who was able to give her Victorian-based uncle Barry Borlase, detailed information on the benefits of living in over-50s lifestyle resorts.

“Uncle Baz asked me about over-50s lifestyle living while he was staying with us on holiday here on the Sunshine Coast,” said Joanne. “I told him about the quality of our homes, the high standard of inclusions, the great facilities available and, importantly, about the lifestyle and sense of community enjoyed by residents.”

What family thinks matters 2Six months later, Joanne said her uncle rang to tell her he was moving into GemLife Woodend in Victoria.

“They could see that the resort had a lot going for it,” said Jo.

“I piqued their interest and Woodend was ideal because it was in an area they knew well. They used to live at nearby Gisborne and Barry’s wife Marion wanted to be close to the grandchildren. After an inspection, the resort began to tick a lot of boxes for them.” Jo said the couple also loved the concept of the resort and what it offered.

After moving in, Barry quickly became the resort’s Home Owners Committee president and is now vice-president while craft enthusiast Marion joined the resort’s craft group.

“One of the projects Marion did in the group was to make a beautiful quilt for my granddaughter. It’s amazing.”

Barry also continued his keen interest in local sports, particularly cricket, by playing in the GemLife Woodend-sponsored Macedon Ranges-Sunbury over 60s cricket team.

Jo said she was so glad her uncle and aunty had bought at GemLife Woodend, adding “I know first-hand the quality of the builds, the inclusions are second to none, the facilities are fantastic, and I couldn’t wish for them to be anywhere else. What is more, they are so happy there.”

She said that being able to refer family members to something she knows so well and believes so strongly in was a real delight.

“There is no way I would have recommended GemLife over-50s resorts to family if I didn’t believe in what it offered 100 per cent. Family is important and their future happiness is intertwined with mine, so any advice has to be spot on.”

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