Trial of new eco-friendly foundation system begins at Palmwoods

Trial of new eco-friendly foundation system begins at Palmwoods

A trial of a new ecologically friendly concrete slab system kicked off last month at GemLife Palmwoods in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Made from 100 per cent recycled materials including car bumpers and battery casings, the ‘slab voiding’ system by Cupolex is not only good for the environment but has the added benefits of producing less mess on site than the traditional polystyrene waffle pod blocks, in addition to construction time and cost savings.

The eco-friendly system is being tested for the first-time during construction of the GemLife Palmwoods resort managers’ residence.

GemLife Manager of Commercial Construction Matt Bretherton said the new system promised to be an excellent alternative to the polystyrene blocks currently used in GemLife’s concrete slabs.

“In addition to being an eco-friendly product, the Cupolex system results in zero product wastage. As the system is precisely engineered, concrete and reinforcing steel quantities can be accurately determined and wastage of these products is also minimised.”

How it works

Manufactured in Australia, the Cupolex system uses intelligent design to create exceptionally strong foundations comprised primarily of dome-like structures that sit within the concrete slab.

Each plastic dome measures 59cm by 59cm in width and between 20cm and 35cm in height and interlocks to form the slab’s substructure. Thanks to the structures’ air spaces, the system also insulates the building’s slab during winter and summer.

The system also reduces site traffic as the domes are stackable and can be packed into a much smaller space than polystyrene blocks, meaning less trucks are needed for delivery and a reduced carbon footprint!

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