Travel pawfection – New pet-friendly option for Explore by GemLife

Travel pawfection - New pet-friendly option for Explore by GemLife

There will be no more pleading puppy dog eyes from your canine bestie next time you book an Explore by GemLife road trip thanks to our new pet-friendly travel option.

If you love to travel with your furry friend, one of our Explore by GemLife motorhomes is now available to book for pet-friendly holidays starting from 14 May.

GemLife CEO and Director Adrian Puljich said GemLife recognised pets as being important family members and, by providing a pet-friendly travel option, homeowners could opt to book a trip and bring their fur-child along for the ride.

Travel pawfection - New pet-friendly option for Explore by GemLife“Pets are often their owners’ best friends and for many residents, being able to travel with their pet will make their road trip holiday even more memorable,” he said.

The pet-friendly motorhome will be available for pick-up and drop-off at the new state-of-the-art GemLife Caboolture RV Compound in Alta Street.

There is a surcharge of $10 per day for the pet-friendly motorhome and terms and conditions apply.

How to book the pet-friendly motorhome

Tips for travelling with a dog

  • Make sure your dog is microchipped and your contact details are up to date and recorded on the microchip register. There are six microchip registers in Australia, so make sure the one you and your dog are recorded on is recognised nationally (and not just in your state).
  • Attach an ID tag with your contact details on your dog’s collar. Also make sure your dog’s registration is up to date.
  • Check the laws that apply to transporting dogs by road in the states you plan to travel within. Rules and fines vary, but all require your pet to be safe and secure during travel and do not permit dogs to sit on owners’ laps.
  • Ensure your dog is healthy enough to travel and that vaccinations, worming, and flea treatment are up to date. If your pet takes prescription medication, make sure you have enough to see you through the holiday. Talk to your vet for advice including paralysis tick prevention.

Before you leave you will need to ensure your dog will be comfortable and safe during the trip.

  • An appropriately secured pet transport container or crate must be used when travelling in an Explore by GemLife motorhome. Transport containers should allow the animal to lie down comfortably in a natural position, stand and sit erect, turn around, and stretch.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in a vehicle. Dogs can die very quickly from heat stress, even in mild weather.
  • Stop for plenty of toilet breaks during your road trip to avoid toileting accidents plus on-leash exercise.
  • If possible, have the contact details of the local vet at your end destination or vet clinics along the way (if it’s a long trip) in case you need to make an appointment.

Pet travel checklist

This handy RSPCA checklist will make sure you and your furry friend are road trip ready! Things you should pack for your dog are:

  • Your pet’s regular food and treats. Don’t forget a can opener if your dog eats tinned food
  • Bedding and/or a travel crate to sleep in
  • Food and water bowls. Always carry enough bottles of fresh water in case you can’t find a tap
  • Collar/harness and leash
  • Your dog’s favourite toy/s
  • Grooming equipment including a towel in case your dog gets wet
  • A ‘pooper scooper’ and plastic bags to clean up after your dog
  • Any required medications and a first aid kit
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