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The power of love – Daughter’s word was enough for Sandra

The power of love. Daughter’s word was enough for Sandra

A joyful tear fell as Suz O’Callaghan revealed just how happy and fulfilled her mother has become five months after moving into her new home at GemLife Bribie Island.

The move came after Suz, GemLife Sales Administration Officer at Bribie Island and Maroochy Quays, realised the resort’s potential as the ideal place for her mum to live her best life, and encouraged her to make the move from Victoria.

“Just hearing mum tell me the other day how truly happy she was here and how she couldn’t believe how lonely she had been before brought tears to my eyes,” said Suz.’

“Now she is doing things she has never done before, like line dancing, and having a great time. Every day brings something new and exciting”.

Her mum Sandra Bailey moved to Queensland from Mildura, Victoria, on the strength of Suz’s recommendation.

“I wouldn’t have changed states and moved such a long way from family and friends for anyone else,” Sandra said.

The power of love. Daughter’s word was enough for Sandra“I took Suz’s word for it. She knows me so well and really believed in the product and that came across when she was first telling me about GemLife. I trusted her 100 per cent and let her organise everything.”

When Sandra arrived in Queensland in November last year, she had to undergo two weeks of quarantine before seeing her future home.

“When I arrived, I knew straight away Suz had been so right, this really was the place for me. It was top class – I immediately felt at home and thought I had arrived in my own little paradise,” she said.

Making such a significant and life-changing recommendation to her mum, one that involved selling two properties in Mildura and an interstate move, could have been very stressful for Suz, but the strength of her belief was such that she had no concerns.

“I picked the home and the site, and all mum had to do was move in. She trusted me,” Suz said.

Suz is delighted that Sandra has settled in so well and, best of all, she lives close enough for her family to visit whenever they wish. Even their traditional weekend drives have resumed.

Sandra’s social schedule has improved dramatically too, so much so that she needs a diary to keep on top of it.

“I had my first outing with the line dancing group recently. I was a bit nervous because we were going to entertain a group of residents at a nearby retirement home and I hadn’t done it before, but it was laugha- minute from the time we got on the bus to go. We were away all day and loved it,” said Sandra.