The Power is Yours at GemLife

The Power is Yours at GemLife

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news lately, you’d have been shocked to find out that Australians are paying the highest electricity prices in the world – not a very nice title to have.

As it stands, Australians are currently paying two to three times more than US citizens for power. Fortunately, or unfortunately – depending on the way you look at it – Queenslanders are paying the fourth most expensive power bills out of all six states. Energy chiefs have been summoned to Canberra to explain themselves – with meetings resulting in alleged promises to change their ways.

The shift from fossil fuels towards renewable energy has been received positively in Australia, with more people turning to solar power to subsidise the exorbitant bills.

In light of this news, GemLife has made the decision to upgrade our resorts’ homes from a 2kw solar PV system to a 3kw system as standard. In addition to solar, we have also upgraded the hot water systems to a more efficient heat pump. Decisions like these can have a huge impact on energy saving, which is better for the environment – and your pockets.

We know that for those living on a fixed income – as the majority of our residents are – it is of vital importance to limit bills as much as possible. We have always been mindful of the locations in which our resorts reside. We live in a stunning, natural paradise with plenty of sunshine – so the decision to harness that was very simple.