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The pawfect companion – Live-wire Pikachu laps up attention

The pawfect companion – Live-wire Pikachu laps up attention

The love of a pet is irreplaceable, according to GemLife Bribie Island resident Sandra Edie who owns Pikachu, one of the most recognised and loved dogs in the resort.

“Pets like Pikachu are just so precious. They give you so much love, are always there for you, and are so very loyal,” she said.

Like his electrifying fictional Pokemon character namesake, Pikachu is curious, bright, alert and loves the attention of residents at GemLife Bribie Island.

“He is a bit of a show-off, just loves people and licks them to death but they love him too and give him lots of pats when we go out for our walks,” said Sandra.

The pawfect companion – Live-wire Pikachu laps up attentionA cross between a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua (known as a Pomchi), Pikachu has been a part of Sandra’s life for more than five years after he was gifted to her at three years of age by her late partner’s daughter.

“Pikachu is eight now but looks and acts young. When visitors come, he runs and gets his ball because he loves people to throw it for him. He also loves going for a drive in the car.”

While Sandra admits to being a ‘dog person’, her home is also shared by Bandit the cat and there is no end of mayhem between the pair.

“They tolerate each other. Bandit is great at hiding and then jumps on Pikachu as he enters the room. Then they chase each other. It provides endless hours of enjoyment for anyone watching,” she said.

She said Bandit is also a talker and has a different meow for every situation, so she always knows if he is hungry, wants attention or a pat. He also takes every opportunity to dob on Pikachu.

When Sandra lost her partner Brian, it was a traumatic time, but she says the animals were her saviour.

“I had a responsibility to look after my pets and that got me out and about. If it wasn’t for them and my lovely neighbours, life would have been very difficult,” she said.

“Every animal has their own personality, and they make great companions. I wouldn’t be without my pets. Their love is unconditional, they make life worth living and ask for nothing in return.”

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