Smart living – GemLife committed to building eco-friendly homes

Smart living - GemLife committed to building eco-friendly homes

GemLife homes are 6-star energy rated and feature a host of eco-friendly standard inclusions, providing a good start for living sustainably.

Director of Sustainability, Renewables and Energy Mark Langdon said that from inception, GemLife has delivered highly efficient housing with energy reduction and savings initiatives.

“We support new technologies, a fact which is demonstrated by our use of heat pump technology, battery energy storage systems and smart energy management control,” he said.

Mark added that among the latest innovations are rooftop solar PV systems ranging between 3kWp and 5kWp as well as battery energy storage systems being rolled out across our resorts.

GemLife homes use water-efficient adjustable multifunction showerheads to help residents save water, energy, and money.

In addition, the homes are clad with Hebel, a high-performance building product with superior insulation qualities, keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

At locations with cooler weather, such as GemLife Woodend, double-glazed windows give extra thermal benefits during Victoria’s winter months. When heating and cooling are needed, they ensure maximum efficiency by keeping the temperature at home between 18 and 20 degrees in winter and 25 to 27 in summer.

Energy-efficient lighting is another big feature within GemLife homes with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) installed throughout, including LED strip lights in the garages. LEDs cost far less to run than halogen and other incandescent lights.

“We continue to invest in renewable technologies across our communities as well as seek ways to reduce our environmental footprint,” said Mark.

Proudly eco-conscious, Susan Fredrickson is looking forward to super-charging her passion to care for the environment as a new resident of GemLife Palmwoods later this year.

Her love of the environment and GemLife’s commitment to providing a range of sustainable products as part of its standard home packages were pivotal to her decision to move into the over-50s lifestyle resort.

“GemLife is a trendsetter when it comes to sustainability and caring for the environment, which is the reason I chose to live at the resort over any other,” said Susan, who has been proactively making eco-friendly lifestyle choices for years.

“My new home will be very environmentally sustainable. It has a high star energy rating, has solar panels, as well as innovative building materials such as Hebel concrete which has so many energy-saving benefits.”

Susan is also a huge fan of the zoned air conditioners in GemLife Palmwoods homes because they can isolate usage to just one room and said solar panels were another great cost-saving inclusion. She also chose to build her home on a north-facing block to get the morning sun.

“My home will be environmentally sustainable and won’t be using much power for heating or cooling. At Palmwoods we will also benefit from the breezes off the mountains flowing through,” she said.

“A great deal of thought has gone into the GemLife Palmwoods development, and I hope everyone appreciates the type of sustainable innovations they are making now and planning for the future at their developments as much as I do.

“We all have children and grandchildren – they are the future – and we need to do as much as we can to preserve the environment for the benefit of all. GemLife should be commended for leading the way.”

What is a 6-star energy rating?

An energy rating reflects how much artificial heating and cooling is needed to keep the inside temperature of a home within a comfortable range. The higher the star rating, the less energy is required by the building.

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