Recycling service at GemLife Highfields

Recycling service at GemLife Highfields

Recycling bottles and cans for a cash return to benefit the GemLife Highfields Over-50s Lifestyle Resort Community could not be easier, thanks to the kindness of two residents, Phil Cook and Bernie Beutel.

The pair, who live just a few doors away from each other, first invited residents to place their empty cans, plastic and glass bottles (except for wine and spirit bottles) in specified recycling bins at the rear of the country club about three years ago.

With the help of Bernie’s Holden ute and fellow resident Bill Inglis, the friends have been volunteering their services ever since and say the recycling activity has grown quite a bit over time, especially since the opening of the country club bar.

“We have three bins, two for glass and one for plastic bottles and cans, which fill up quickly. We put them into bulker bags and then, about every three to four weeks, load them into the ute and take them to the Toowoomba recycling facility to cash them in,” said Phil.

The exercise raises between $100 and $130 per visit with the funds deposited straight into the GemLife Highfields’ Homeowners Committee account to benefit the resort community.

Residents are welcome to place their empty bottles and cans in the bins at any time.

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