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Reaching top gear – Motorhome first-timers keen to do it again

Reaching top gear

Nine days visiting many of Queensland’s western outback towns in the eye-catching Explore by GemLife motorhome has Jane and David Hayter, of GemLife Bribie Island, convinced – they want to do it all again as soon as possible.

“We have never been on a trip in a motorhome or caravan before, so this was a real experience and one that we really enjoyed. We can’t wait to do it again,” said Jane, as the couple looked over a collection of photographs taken while away.

Inexperienced at the wheel of the new 25-foot Jayco Conquest DX motorhome, but not at enjoying many travel experiences, the couple were a little anxious about what to expect but loved the fact they didn’t have to worry about pre-booking accommodation.

“We were confident we could handle the motorhome because David is a former truck driver and I drove a small bus when I worked in aged care many years ago. We did, however, decide to avoid free camping on this trip and stay at caravan parks along the way until we were able to get a better insight about life on the road in a motorhome,” said Jane.

Reaching top gearJane and David travelled 3500km in nine days taking in Toowoomba, Roma, Mitchell, Charleville, Longreach, Eromanga, Quilpie, Thargomindah, and St George and at each stop, like clockwork, each had their own tasks to carry out.

“Once we got used to the motorhome, we developed a routine. David was the driver, and I was the organiser, and we both had our own list of tasks to be done at each stop. The vehicle and the facilities were easy to operate and if in doubt, we just referred to the video and user manual which were provided,” said Jane.

The couple said they travelled light, only taking a few changes of easy to wash and dry clothing for the two-week trip.

While they also took a few frozen meals, fruit, vegetables, baked beans, and bread to tide them over if they arrived late at a destination, Jane and David were sticklers for supporting local towns they visited by buying meals at outback pubs, cafes and bakeries along the way.

“It would be un-Australian not to stop at an outback pub, and we also enjoyed many other delights such as a delicious Ned Kelly pie at the Marino Cafe in Longreach,” said Jane.

Driving a motorhome that displayed a spectacular all-over illustration of the Northern Territory’s Nitmiluk National Park including its canyons and rocky landscapes, sparked great conversations whenever the couple stopped.

“People would walk by and take a good look, and then come over and want to know all about the motorhome. The illustration is amazing and something you certainly can’t miss.”

Jane and David said their experience in the Explore by GemLife motorhome could not have been better. It provided everything they needed on a trip away, including an extremely comfortable bed.

“The bed has a great mattress and was so comfortable. David is over six feet tall, but we didn’t need to extend the bed at all. We would also open all the windows and vents and let the air flow through,” said Jane.

So, what was the verdict after their first trip in the Explore by GemLife motorhome, and what advice could they give to people doing it for the first time?

“It was awesome and so reasonably priced. We want to do it again but next time we want to go for longer. For first time motorhome users like us, all I can say is if you want to feel the freedom of roaming this great country of ours, this is the way to do it!” said Jane.

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