Pacific Paradise

Palms in paradise

Palms in paradise

A long journey to a place in the sun

The majestic, tropical palm trees that grace the entry to GemLife Pacific Paradise had an unusually long journey before reaching their new home on the Sunshine Coast.

The ten mature Canary Island Date Palms, an instantly recognisable and iconic type of palm tree, were trucked to Pacific Paradise from South Australia on a journey of more than 2000 kilometres.

The massive trees, with trunks measuring seven metres in height, weigh a hefty 8000 kilograms each. Transported by semi-trailer, the palms’ size meant only two trees could be fitted on each truck. According to Resort Administration Manager Steve Stewart it took the GemLife team between four and five hours to plant just two palm trees.

“It’s a huge job and took about eight people to do it. Each tree has to be lifted off the truck and into position with a 25-tonne crane,” said Steve.

When sourcing mature palms, GemLife purchases trees from South Australia as they’re less susceptible to disease than those from other areas.

“It’s difficult to source Canary Island Palms this big and the ones from South Australia are healthier because of the drier climate,” he said.

GemLife Pacific Paradise Sales Manager Victoria Dent said the magnificent trees created an impactful first impression when visitors arrived at the resort.

“The palms are the perfect reflection of what Sunshine Coast living is all about,” said Victoria.

“They epitomise everything about resort-style living, have tropical flair, and they’re simply stunning.”

Palms in paradise

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