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Moving and grooving – Belly dancing in paradise

Moving and grooving – Belly dancing in paradise

Belly dancing in paradise

Eight years ago self-confessed costume fanatic and GemLife Pacific Paradise resident Rhonda Winterton was drawn to the art of belly dancing by the glitzy, glamorous outfits and has been moving and grooving ever since.

“I’ve always loved dressing up, I love to dance and the idea of performing seemed like a lot of fun so I decided to give it a try,” said Rhonda.

Originating in Egypt, belly dancing is a style of dance that focuses on the movement of the torso and hips.

Belly dancing is an excellent, low impact activity where people of all fitness levels can come together to have fun and boost their overall health.

Moving and grooving – Belly dancing in paradise“Not only is it a ton of fun, it also improves muscle control, mobility and balance,” she said.

Belly dancing is typically done to Egyptian or Turkish music but Rhonda says it can be done to any style of music.

“Pretty much any music will do. I’ve belly danced to One Republic and my current belly dance group is working on a dance to the theme song for Game of Thrones,” she said.

According to Rhonda, the basic moves of belly dancing are easier to catch onto than one might expect.

“If you’ve never done it before there’s no need to be intimidated, it’s not hard. We start with a warm-up and then practise basic moves like the ‘figure-eights’ which is just moving your hips in a figure-eight motion.”

Rhonda is currently part of a belly dancing club in Brisbane but hopes to find somewhere closer to home to make new friends and share her passion.

“I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like because it’s a bit of a drive to get to my current dance group. If anyone is interested in giving it a go, I’ve got plenty of costumes people can borrow,” she said.

If you’re looking for a new way to get in shape this year, belly dancing could be just the thing for you.