Missing out on a whole new life? Assumption is the mother of all missed opportunities

Missing out on a whole new life?

As human beings, the more experience we have of something, the more likely we are to create assumptions about it. Sometimes it’s a good thing, because when we know a lot about something, those assumptions based on experience can serve us in our everyday life – helping us analyse situations and make decisions faster. But what happens when we only ‘think’ we know a lot about something?

What happens when we make an assumption based on less than all the facts? This is when assumptions can seriously limit our thinking, leading to missed opportunities.

One good way of liberating ourselves from the assumptions we have, is to list all our assumptions on paper regarding the topic.

We asked ten people aged between 52 and 64 what they thought about ‘over 50s lifestyle resort’ living. Their responses, based on assumptions, were both entertaining and unsurprisingly wildly off the mark!

Assumption one: “It’s for old people”. But it’s an ‘over-50s resort’ we pointed out … and you are over 50, right? All respondents replied, “We don’t see ourselves as old.”

Assumption two: “You have to be retired to live in one”. Incorrect. You can still be working full-time or part-time to move in – you just have to be over 50.

Assumption three: “It’s for people who have given up”. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Most residents choose resort living because downsizing their responsibilities – getting rid of the gardening and pool maintenance – and moving into a brand-new home that they can lock up and leave lets them upsize their lifestyle, freeing them to do more of what they love.

Assumption four: “It’s the same as a retirement village”. Once again, no. Over-50s resorts are ‘land lease communities’, so more like living in a holiday resort, with all the resort facilities and none of the maintenance. Plus, unlike retirement villages, there are no entry or exit fees and you keep 100 per cent of your capital gain when you do choose to sell your home.

Assumption five: “It’s not for me”. Overwhelmingly, the response at resort open days is, “I had no idea it was this good” and the most notable regret of current residents is “I wish we’d moved here years ago”.

So, ask yourself, am I missing out on something good? You just might be. Perhaps it’s time to find out for yourself how good resort living could be at a GemLife luxury lifestyle resort.

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