Making friends in later life – New friendships are just around the corner

Male and female friends laughing on golf course


For over-50s, the social opportunities readily available earlier in life – school, workplace, and parent groups – no longer apply. That doesn’t mean new friends cannot be made, it just means that other avenues need to be explored for friendship opportunities.  

Be open to new experiences  

Get out of your comfort zone and you never know when or where a new friendship could blossom. If you have shied away from joining social activities in the past, push yourself to start showing up to a few of them. Introduce yourself to people at these events and try to strike up conversations. Complimenting someone can be a great conversation starter and people will immediately be attracted to your positive energy. 

Pursue your passions 

There is no day like the present to pursue a long-neglected passion – whether it is signing up for an art class or learning a sport. Being in a class with others means you will automatically have something in common with them and you can bond over your mutual interest while doing something you enjoy.  

Join local groups on Facebook  

With so many people turning to social media, it has become simple to make friends today with a click of the button. Start by joining a few groups that pique your interest and become an active participant. Many local groups offer regular get-togethers for their members to meet in person so look out for meet-up sessions. 

Give back to your community 

Volunteering your time and energy for a worthy cause is often its own reward. The people you meet volunteering are likely to share some of your core values, and the empathy and compassion that drove them to volunteer are qualities you probably want in a good friend. Find an organisation that speaks to your heart, and you will be supporting your community while making friends through this shared experience. 

Reach out to old friends 

On top of trying to build new friendships from scratch, do your best to reconnect with members of your social circle with whom you have fallen out of touch. With people you were once close with, you can pick up where you left off.  

Downsize into an over-50s community 

Moving into an over-50s community like GemLife may be just the change you need to upgrade your lifestyle. With ongoing events and activities to keep busy, these communities are designed to help residents live a vibrant and social life. 

“I’m not a people person but living at GemLife has made it so easy to make friends,” said Marilyn Ryan from GemLife Maroochy Quays.  

“Living here gives everyone many opportunities to socialise – you have to just make minimal effort.” 

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