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Keeping it in the family – Family referrals put couple in their dream home

Keeping it in the family. Family referrals put couple in their dream home

Word of mouth recommendations by family members can be a powerful incentive when it comes to making major purchases such as a new home.

This was certainly the case for newly arrived GemLife Maroochy Quays residents Jim and Colette Cameron who have not stopped smiling since they moved in six weeks ago.

“This was the best thing we have ever done,” said a jubilant Jim.

Despite having built a new home on the Sunshine Coast three years ago, the couple’s daughter had suggested they look for something more maintenance-free, just as Colette’s brother Wade and his wife Judy had done in 2019 when they moved into GemLife Highfields.

“Family will tell you how it really is so knowing Wade and Judy had moved into GemLife Highfields we went over and visited them. What they told us and what we saw really opened our eyes to a whole new and appealing way of living,” she said.

“We loved the country club and the ten-pin bowling, heated pool and bar and couldn’t believe what we had been missing.”

Wade and Judy were only too happy to show off what they described as their fabulous resort lifestyle which they claim has transformed them. The couple say they almost never went out when they lived on their former four-bedroom family property in the same area but have become social butterflies at GemLife Highfields.

Keeping it in the family. Family referrals put couple in their dream home“Living as part of the GemLife Highfields’ community has changed our lives for the better,” said Judy, adding the couple had originally been introduced to the resort by a work colleague who had visited and passed on a brochure to them.

“The social side is amazing. When we walk, we meet new people all the time and the first social group we joined was with outdoor bowls’ players which is an activity we really love.”

The couple have also started up a Mahjong group, play cards, tennis and darts while also regularly enjoying the country club’s pool, spa, sauna, and golf simulator.

In addition, Judy can indulge in her love for movies and is on a roster to start each movie session while Wade volunteers as a bar manager in the country club.

“We have never been so busy, but we are loving it because it is keeping us young and active. GemLife makes all these things so accessible that you just do whatever interests you,” said Wade adding that there are also lots of functions, music and trivia nights on the social calendar as well.

“Add all these activities on top of the quality of the homes and the appealing financial structure on offer, it is no wonder we delight in recommending the resort to our family and friends,” he said.

The couple were so convincing that Jim, Collette and their 48-year-old daughter immediately made an appointment with the GemLife Maroochy Quays sales team to view the Sunshine Coast resort which was just up the road from where they had been living.

“We were hooked on first sight. We found a house already under construction in our price range and close to the country club, which is nearing completion, and within a week had sold our house and then moved in three months later,” said Jim.

“We will never leave now. This is what you could really call the good life and we’re loving it.”

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