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Adventures afloat – Waterways give kayakers the ultimate experience

Adventures afloat

If there is one thing that Wayne Taylor knows about kayaking, it is that this small, narrow watercraft can take you to some of the most picturesque, natural, and amazing environments on the sunshine coast.

This is one of the reasons why the GemLife Maroochy Quays resident and his wife Toni took up kayaking after first moving to the Sunshine Coast six years ago.

“We both love water and joined a kayaking group to explore the river and learn more about the activity such as the best places to go that were picturesque, provided easy access, and were safe. At the same time, we were enjoying some great outings,” said Wayne.

It did not take long before the couple were hooked, regularly enjoying outings on local waterways in their double kayak.

“It’s incredible what you can see and do simply by paddling a kayak up a river or waterway. We’ve seen some beautiful birdlife on the banks and wildlife on the shores, stopped for picnic lunches along the way and some people also fish from their kayak. You never know where your paddling might take you.”

Wayne, who grew up near Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach, said there is always somewhere new to go in a kayak.

“A river can look different every day due to changing tides, seasons, sunrises and sunsets.”

Since moving into their new home at the over-50s lifestyle resort in March, the couple have purchased a single kayak which is much lighter and easier to transport to key kayaking spots in the local area.

“One of the reasons we purchased a home here was because it was on Eudlo Creek which is ideal for kayaking. Once we get local access with a proper launching facility, we will be able to wheel our kayak straight down and use the creek regularly,” said Wayne, who also cited keeping fit as a top reason for taking up the water sport.

“Keeping fit is important, and as well as kayaking, between us we enjoy bushwalking, swimming and marathon-running. Toni also did dragon boat racing when we lived in Sydney, and I am a professional golf instructor.”

As well as finding secluded places to relax in nature, kayaking is an aerobic exercise that can improve the cardiovascular system, tone the body, strengthen muscles, help with weight loss, reduce stress and so much more, according to Wayne.

“Once you leave the TV and armchair, there is a big world waiting outside for you to discover and a kayak can provide the ideal vehicle.”

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