Highfields May 2020 Sales Manager Message

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The progress continues at GemLife Highfields. We are currently building out Stage Two, with the bulk groundwork for the rest of the project due to commence in June.

GemLife EatsNavigating the current COVID-19 pandemic has been an adjustment for all but it is wonderful to see how well our residents have adapted to changes around the resort. The country club and common facilities have been shut for the time being but everyone has been loving their delicious, free GemLife Eats meals every week. Matt Conquest has done such an amazing job providing gourmet meals to their doors each week, with a little help from some skilled ‘runners’.

Another generous gesture from GemLife was the distribution of the Stan $60 gift cards so residents can binge on movies and TV shows during the time of isolation.

Our residents have been staying busy and keeping their spirits up!

For more information and updates about our country resort, please call the numbers below.

Rachael Benham - Sales Manager

Rachael Benham

Sales Manager

GemLife Highfields


Rachael Benham, Sales Manager M 0437 256 745 | E [email protected]

Jenny Rickwood, Sales Consultant M 0436 011 527 | E [email protected]


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