Highfields – A bird’s eye view

Can you tell us a bit about yourself Banjo?

I am a 26 year-old Galah, quite stunning as you can see! I am also known as a rose-breasted cockatoo or galah cockatoo. I have been with Mum and Dad since I was a baby and now I am in the prime of my life! I expect to live to about 50 or more.


How are you enjoying your new home at GemLife Highfields?

It is a bit different to the farm we came from, but I really like it here. Mum and Dad aren’t working on the farm all day so they have more time to spend with me!


What prompted the move to GemLife Highfields?

My Dad had a stroke last year, and he can’t do as much work on the farm as he used to. Being at GemLife is much easier for Mum to look after him and we are close to physio and other therapy he needs. Plus Mum and Dad have their daughter and son only a few minutes away now, which is great too.


What’s your favourite thing to do?

I love hanging out with Mum and Dad. I sit at the table with them when they have meals and I spend as much time as I can on Mum’s shoulder, helping her with whatever she’s doing. She thinks I’m nosy but without my supervision who knows what sort of trouble she might get into!


A final word?

Mum says I’m spoiled, but I know I’m not really. I am the youngest child and the only one left at home, so I’m finally getting all the attention I deserve!


Highfields – A bird’s eye view

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