Here comes the sun – GemLife’s innovative solar power solution

Here comes the sun - GemLife’s innovative solar power solution

GemLife is powering up its communities with an innovative renewable energy solution that is not only good for the planet but will reduce energy costs for homeowners.

GemLife Director & CEO Adrian Puljich said by setting up ‘virtual power plants’ (VPPs) within its communities, the first of which will operate at GemLife Palmwoods in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, the company was leading the sector by harnessing the sun’s clean renewable energy and reducing reliance on the power grid.

Designed to maximise environmental and economic benefits of solar power, a VPP is a network of homes with rooftop solar plus battery storage connected via smart technology.

“It is well-known that solar energy can’t be used when the sun goes down, so the battery component solves that issue,” Adrian said.

“Each home generates and stores energy during the day and shares energy stored in a battery where it is needed in the community. This may be among households, to power street lighting or even heating the community pool.”

GemLife supplies, installs, and maintains this system but homeowners reap the benefits by receiving low-cost energy during the day when solar power is generated and, thanks to the battery storage, also in the evenings.

GemLife takes full responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the solar equipment, giving homeowners peace of mind.

GemLife’s solar solution ensures:

  • No upfront costs for solar
  • Low daily supply fee
  • Low-cost daytime power
  • Low-cost night-time rates

“GemLife is committed to innovation and adopting best practice to ensure environmental responsibility and, just as importantly, we recognise that many GemLife homeowners live on fixed incomes which makes limiting electricity costs all the more essential,” Adrian said.

“GemLife has set an ambitious goal to minimise reliance on energy from the grid, and although our communities will remain connected to ensure residents always have electricity when needed, all new resorts will have a virtual power plant and our existing resorts will transition to the new system over time.”

GemLife homes feature solar PV panels as standard, and the country club buildings also feature rooftop panels which, once a resort is completed, provide a massive potential power source.

“Our virtual power plant is a sustainable and renewable solution reducing reliance on the energy network and providing long-term resilience to our communities,” Adrian said.

“Solar energy benefits the environment and, as an alternative to fossil fuels, reduces our carbon footprint and greenhouse gases at home and around the globe.”

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