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Goodbye gardening, hello fun

Goodbye gardening, hello fun

Never having to mow a lawn again puts a huge smile on the face of Alister Lee, who moved to GemLife Maroochy Quays last month with wife Melissa.

Goodbye gardening, hello fun“I hate gardening. I won’t miss mowing the lawn at all. We wanted a good-sized secure, lowmaintenance home that made it easy for us to travel,” said Alister.

“It’s ‘lock it up and see you later’ here. Now we don’t have to worry about who’s mowing the lawn, who’s checking the mail, who’s doing this or that,” he said.

“There’s a lot of logistics involved in going away for a long trip. Not having to worry about maintenance was the biggest bonus for us,” added Melissa.

In their mid-fifties, Alister and Melissa’s decision to downsize was brought about by the huge drain on the couple’s time at their former waterfront home.

“The upkeep was never-ending. We just didn’t want to be tied down to a property anymore,” said Alister.

“We used to work 65 hours a week so trying to find time to do all those little extra things was a big deal,” said Melissa.

Melissa, who works full-time, said the couple wanted to stay in the area they loved, close to their network of friends, their gym, and to her workplace, plus give them the relaxed lifestyle they craved.

“I think the resort caters for our age group, people who are active, have the grandkids come to visit in the school holidays, or are still working. It’s an easy fit,” she said.

“Our new place was ‘the one’. As soon as we walked in and saw it, it felt like home. We didn’t need to look at any others.”

The couple enjoy keeping fit – Alister, a retired dentist, is up with the birds to cycle 100km a day – and cannot wait for the resort’s country club to open.

“The facilities were a big part of the attraction of moving into GemLife. We’re not interested in lawn bowls or virtual golf, but we want to use the gym, pool, cinema, ten-pin bowling and things we can take the grandkids to,” said Melissa.

“I got rid of all my tools so I’ve no interest in using the men’s shed. I just want to get out and exercise, come home, go to the gym, go for a swim after doing 100k’s on the bike to refresh, come back and have breakfast,” said Alister.

“For our lifestyle, it’s all about exercise, eating well, and then travelling,” added Melissa.

Downsizing has given the couple the life they have always wanted.

“It’s plain sailing ahead. It’s been everything we wanted it to be – it’s given us a lot more peace of mind and a more relaxed lifestyle.”