GemLife launches sustainability strategy

GemLife has launched its first sustainability strategy this month, setting out a formal framework for the company’s ongoing and long-term commitment to sustainable practices.

GemLife Director & CEO Adrian Puljich said the strategy built upon existing sustainability initiatives – which include innovative solar power solutions and energy-efficient home design – providing a clear pathway for GemLife’s operations as it continues to grow.

“Sustainability can be defined as providing for present needs without compromising the needs of future generations to meet theirs. Most people think sustainability is only about the environment, but it is also founded upon economic and social pillars,” he said.

GemLife takes a practical approach to sustainability and has been proactive with sustainability initiatives.

GemLife launches sustainability strategy

GemLife Director & CEO Adrian Puljich with Mark Langdon, Director of Sustainability, Renewables & Energy

“Since launching in 2016, we provided solar panels on all homes as part of our standard inclusions, as well as on our country club roofs, minimising energy costs for residents and the entire community. In addition, GemLife homes and communities are designed to be highly functional, energy efficient, and as climate resilient as possible, ensuring physical comfort and keeping the cost of living down,” he said.

“At GemLife we pride ourselves on being market-leading and innovating within the sector, and with World Environment Day coming up on 5 June, the timing could not be better to launch our new sustainability strategy.

“The strategy makes public our commitment to our common future, delivering meaningful programs that benefit all our stakeholders, from our homeowners and broader communities to our valued employees.”

The GemLife sustainability strategy is aligned with the relevant United National Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about GemLife’s commitment to sustainability by clicking here.

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