From steaks to soulmates 59 years of friendship, love and laughter

From steaks to soulmates 59 years of friendship, love and laughter

It was love at first sight when GemLife Woodend residents Graeme and Roslyn Woods met in a butcher shop nearly 60 years ago.

Graeme credits their happy and enduring love story to Roslyn’s mother who knew he was the perfect match for her daughter when she spotted him working at the local butcher shop.
“It was love at first sight. Roslyn’s mother brought her in to meet me and when I first saw her I dropped my meat cleaver – that’s how I knew I was in love,” said Graeme.
Two years later, Graeme proposed.

“I remember going to ask Roslyn’s father for her hand in marriage. He was in the bathroom shaving, and I realised I’d been set up because he had a big grin on his face. He knew exactly what was coming. Everyone saw it coming except for me.”

Graeme and Roslyn married in 1961 at Christ Church in Essendon.

“It was just beautiful and we were lucky enough to have it on film which, considering it was the 1960s, was quite rare, so that was special,” said Graeme.

After nearly 60 years together, the Woods’ relationship has only grown stronger.

“It’s been wonderful, I wouldn’t change a thing. A couple of times Roslyn’s been wrong about things but that’s it,” joked Graeme.

“We’re very lucky. We’re best friends and have never had any problems spending time together.”

The couple moved to the resort last year and will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary at GemLife Woodend in October.

“Every year we do something to celebrate our anniversary but the next one will be special. Everyone at the resort is expecting a big party and we’re very excited to celebrate with our new friends.”

Graeme said their tale of how they came to live at the resort is another story of love at first sight.

“One day we were driving through Woodend and saw this great big building. We were curious to know what it was so a month later we came back to have a look around,” he said.

“We’d never even heard of GemLife or over-50s resorts but we fell in love with it during our first visit.”

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