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Flying Solo – Why singles are choosing resort-style living

Flying Solo - Why singles are choosing resort-style living

Single people are choosing to move into lifestyle resorts in increasing numbers, with the combination of a secure environment, friendly community, and a great lifestyle proving to be the perfect fit for those flying solo.

Flying Solo - Why singles are choosing resort-style livingGemLife Maroochy Quays Sales Manager, Joanne Michalowsky, said she had seen a significant jump in the number of single people choosing to live at lifestyle resorts over the past eight years.

“It used to be around 15 to 20 per cent of single people, but now it’s much higher. At GemLife Maroochy Quays, about 35 per cent of residents are single,” said Joanne.

“In addition to the fantastic lifestyle on offer, the sense of security from living within a gated community, as well as the ease in making new friends, is very appealing – especially for single women.”

Rosemary Arrold said security played a deciding role in her decision to move to GemLife’s Maroochydore resort last November.

“The sense of security is a big plus when you’re single. Being able to lock-up and go away without worrying about the safety or maintenance of your home is hugely appealing,” said Rosemary.

“I’m active and sporty so the facilities are also a big draw.”

Jeanette Mackenzie agreed security was important as well as being able to make a diverse network of new friends.

“Being a single person, I wanted to be among others around my age and to feel safe and secure. I have met lots of great people and formed friendships. The residents get together regularly and there’s lots of laughs and catch-ups,” said Jeanette.

Rachael Benham, Sales Manager at GemLife Highfields said over a quarter of homeowners at the rural resort were single.

“Some single people may have reservations about being on their own amongst a sea of couples. But in reality, that’s not the case. There are plenty of other single people to do things with,” said Rachael.

Mel Graham, Sales Manager at GemLife Tweed Waters, where singles account for more than 27 per cent of contract holders, said single people wanted other singles to hang out with.

“It’s natural to seek people in a similar situation to yourself. At GemLife, there’s always plenty of other singles to socialise with and make the most of the lifestyle on offer,” she said.