Fitness and fun for everyone

Fitness and fun for everyone

Walk or run your way to fitness with a fun run

It’s never too late to start building your fitness, and joining a fun run is a great way to boost your motivation to get in shape at your own pace.

Long-time runner and GemLife Woodend resident, John Eckel, has many fun runs under his belt but is looking forward to a new experience next month at Run the Rock, a scenic adventure run suitable for all ages and abilities around the iconic Hanging Rock Reserve.

“Some people believe ‘fun’ and ‘run’ shouldn’t be in the same sentence,” he joked, “but these events are for everyone, not just serious runners. People can walk, or if they just want to enjoy the atmosphere, can join as a course volunteer.”

A former member of the Royal Australian Air Force, running has been central to John’s lifelong commitment to staying in shape, but he said for those who are just starting out, it’s important to take it slowly.

Fitness and fun for everyone“My advice is to run at your own pace and enjoy the countryside. And if you’re not into running, just walk – walking is great for fitness too,” he said. “Whether you’re experienced or a first-timer, if you feel tired during a fun run, slow down, walk, or stop. It’s about having the right attitude, enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings and being part of a great community event.”

Jim Brook, who also signed up for the 5km category, has completed many fun runs in the past and particularly enjoyed the sense of camaraderie the events create.

“Although running is an individual thing, at a fun run, it is surprisingly social. Everyone encourages one another. I really love it,” said Jim. “A few people take the running seriously, but the majority join in for their own personal achievements and goals,” he said.

“Hanging Rock is a beautiful area and Run the Rock gives you a chance to soak it all in at a fun community event.”