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Dream team – Friends who play together, stay together

GemLife residents sitting beside pool


Having the shared experience of moving into their brand-new homes at the same time during Stage One of GemLife Maroochy Quays, these five homeowners quickly became friends, and their friendship has since blossomed.  

“There are some people you just connect with better than others, so that’s how it was for our group,” Faye Perdikis said.  

The group consists of Faye, her husband Bill, Rhonda Punch, Marilyn Ryan, and Jeanette Mackenzie. 

“Bill has been accepted by the ladies,” laughed Faye. 

This tight-knit bunch went from being neighbours who had ‘drinks on the streets’ once a week, to playing pickleball on the court every day.  

“When we first arrived, we would get together outside our homes for drinks and a chat, and our friendship developed from there. Now we do lots of things together – whether it’s going for trivia nights, line dancing, playing Mahjong or pickleball,” said Rhonda. 

“It’s nice to get together with like-minded people,” Marilyn added.  

It was Faye who introduced the gang to pickleball and it has now become a fun activity they all enjoy. 

“Faye used to talk about pickleball all the time. Her sister plays championships in Canada, so she more or less taught us the rules,” said Marilyn. 

“Pickleball is huge in North America! Every time our family goes back to visit, we play pickleball with my sister who is a professional. One reason Bill and I signed up with GemLife is because they promised us a pickleball court,” Faye chuckled.  

Each GemLife resort has a pickleball court for residents and their friends and families to use. Ever since the GemLife Maroochy Quays’ pickleball court was built last year, the group of five get a good hour of exercise and fun daily and are occasionally joined by Marilyn and Rhonda’s husbands.  

“We used to giggle a lot when we first started playing, but we have become more confident and now we actually score!” Rhonda said proudly. 

“We like each other’s company, and we don’t take anything too seriously,” Faye said. 

Jeanette added that they all are extremely grateful for their small group of friends who make their lives at GemLife all the more exciting.  

“I have formed some lovely friendships and I could not ask for anything more.” 

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