Creating mosaic masterpieces

Creating mosaic masterpieces

Creating a piece of art composed of numerous tiny pieces of glass or tile to form a decorative mosaic object such as a tray or garden pot, is a skill a group of GemLife Woodend residents are mastering under the guidance of their teacher and fellow homeowner Susan Lawson.

Creating mosaic masterpiecesThe mosaic classes began after Susan retired last November and have become so popular that the Saturday sessions have expanded to include a class on Tuesday afternoons as well.

“Mosaics is something I have enjoyed since learning the art at classes and workshops about eight years ago so the moment I gave up work and had more time, I thought it was something I could do as a hobby with other residents who might be interested.”

Her idea to start a class resonated with fellow resort homeowners and attracted an enthusiastic group of eight for the first session, which both surprised and delighted Susan, who has lived at GemLife Woodend for three years.

Creating mosaic masterpieces“The idea was that the Tuesday class would mainly be for new participants, whereby all would work on the same project, and the Saturday class would be for those who wish to create their own masterpiece, with assistance,” said Susan.

She said anyone can create mosaics and it was not hard to learn.

“We start with a basic pot featuring a design made of recycled plates. They are quite chunky but easy to do, and it gives first-timers a chance to get a feel for it and, when ready, to move onto something more intricate.”

The mosaic artwork can feature everything from glass and tiles to beads and other miscellaneous items easily acquired from local thrift shops.

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