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Boning up on bone health – Building strength to combat osteoporosis

Boning up on bone health - Building strength to combat osteoporosis

Deanne Allan is on a mission to keep her muscles firm and strong in an effort to combat osteoporosis, a disease that weakens bones and affects an estimated 924,000 Australians.

Deanne said the body constantly absorbs and replaces bone tissue but with osteoporosis, new bone creation doesn’t keep up with old bone removal. It impacts the lives of about 3.8 per cent of Australians and, in particular, one in four women aged over 75.

Boning up on bone health 1Having been diagnosed about two years ago with moderately severe osteoporosis, the GemLife Maroochy Quays homeowner is now a regular at the resort’s new gym.

“I am at the gym two to three times a week for about 35-40 minutes each session. My exercise physiologist has developed a workout program just for me. Every six weeks he reassesses what I am doing and might change the exercises, increase repetitions, or give me heavier weights, depending on my results,” said Deanne.

She said that being accountable to her physiologist was an important part of her success and kept her going, although exercise is not her favourite pastime.

“Having said that, I am happy to do the exercise because it is doing me good.”

Deanne’s fitness workout is diverse and incorporates the treadmill for cardio, the seated row for building upper body strength and working the back and upper arms, wall ball squats to strengthen the upper thighs, and floor exercises.

“My osteoporosis is in the hip and spine, and weight-bearing exercises are really important. I don’t work out on one thing for too long because you need to build strength slowly,” said Deanne, who only found out about her osteoporosis by accident.

Boning up on bone health 2“My sister had fractures in her back and went to get it checked out, so I got checked out at the same time and was shocked when they told me I had osteoporosis. I had always been so fit.”

While the first to admit she is not a gym junkie, Deanne loves the well-equipped gym at GemLife Maroochy Quays and often follows workouts with a swim and spa.

“In addition, there are no gym fees, no travelling time, no parking hassles and therefore, no excuses!” she said.

“Not everyone wants to work out in a gym but there are so many activities that can help us keep active. I walk my dog and am keen to try Zumba, as well as continue what I am doing in the gym to build muscle strength. There is something out there for everyone.”

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