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An unbreakable bond – Like mother, like daughter

An unbreakable bond - Like mother, like daughter

There is nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her daughter, especially when it is as strong as the one shared by GemLife Maroochy Quays’ resident Sylvia Ford and her daughter Laura.

Almost every day the close-knit pair see each other and share many experiences, in a way often akin to best friends of the same age and interests.

An unbreakable bond - Like mother, like daughter“We do many lovely things together such as shopping, walking our dogs, swimming, coffee mornings, lunches and just sitting and talking. Getting together and having the companionship so often is wonderful and really helps to strengthen our relationship even more,” Sylvia said.

“We also enjoy walking along the resort’s new boardwalk and taking in the beautiful views together.”

Laura, who lives nearby, loves to spend time with her mother and is always looking for new activities for them to share and says `no experience is off-the-table’.

“I want to take mum out kayaking which is an activity she has done before but not for quite a long time.”

Laura, who is a psychosocial recovery coach and therapist, says being close to her mother has been a great blessing.

She said her parents had been through some challenging times due to her father becoming ill and it had left her mother a little reluctant to step outside and live life to its fullest.

Laura took the initiative and found the over-50s resort near her home and suggested her parents move in. She was delighted when they both said `yes’ immediately and so began a whole new chapter in their lives.

An unbreakable bond - Like mother, like daughter“We have been able to do so many things together since, and mum has really come out of her shell and wants to enjoy life once again. She is making friends everywhere we go, especially when walking Dad’s dog Neva – a Cavoodle – and we even join the rest of the residents in her street for drinks on a Sunday.”

Laura said she expects the activities to grow even more once the new GemLife Country Club is completed.

The family has always enjoyed a close relationship and even toured together in an old, converted bread truck for 12 months in New Zealand followed by two years on the road in Australia where they indulged in fruit picking.

“I have a brother with four children who lives in America. He isn’t able to see our parents very often which makes it even more important for me to be able to spend quality time with them and I love every moment we are together.”

An unbreakable bond - Like mother, like daughterWith two children aged 27 and 29, Laura says her core values are honesty, respect and family unity, and considers herself extremely fortunate to have such a strong family bond, especially with her mother.

Sylvia loves it too and says she feels lucky to have Laura, who is often accompanied by her own daughter Harmony, a photographer who took the photos of the pair for this month’s newsletter.

“It is amazing to be so close and able to share everyday life experiences. I appreciate every moment,’’ she said.

Laura believes Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show mums around the world how important they are but says she feels blessed to be able to celebrate the occasion almost every day of the year with Sylvia.

“My time with mum is precious and I look forward to sharing many more experiences with her in the future,” Laura said.

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