All charged up! GemLife gears up for electric vehicles

All charged up! GemLife gears up for electric vehicles

GemLife is all charged up to get its Over-50s Lifestyle Resorts ‘Future Ready’, embracing innovative, sustainable ideas and practices, including making its communities electric vehicle friendly.

With prices of electric vehicles coming down and increased interest in EV ownership, GemLife has taken the wheel on incorporating and accommodating the technology into its resorts and operations.

“Electric vehicles spark a new and more sustainable way of getting around and, as they become cheaper in the marketplace, demand from everyday Australians will rise,” said Mark Langdon, GemLife Director of Sustainability, Renewables & Energy.

“At GemLife, we are keen to make our future over-50s lifestyle resorts EV-ready with such innovations as EV chargers and a transition to electric resort buses and cars, as the current fleets reach the end of their service.”

Mark said the latest innovations at GemLife will include additional cabling in new homes to enable installation of a charger in the garage with minimal disruption and cost. “For our existing homeowners we will facilitate the purchase and installation of chargers through group purchasing, again to reduce installation costs and to assist residents with the transition,” he said.

Mark added that electric vehicles were much better for the environment, a fact not lost on the over-50s demographic.

“They are easier to maintain, provide emission-free motoring, cost significantly less to run than current petrol and diesel vehicles, and are smooth, quiet, and simple to drive.”

GemLife EV initiatives have been applauded by Rob Ogilvie, former Australian rally driver and now owner of ION DNA which specialises in selling second-hand electric vehicles including Nissan, Peugeot, Honda and VW.

A huge supporter of sustainable practises, Rob said he admired GemLife for its commitment to helping save the environment for future generations.

“Creating the infrastructure for EVs is a major step in encouraging more people to invest in them,” said Rob.

“By introducing EVs to its fleet and providing built-in charging facilities in its over-50s homes and resorts, GemLife is leading the way and setting a great example for others to follow.”

One future resident delighted with the initiative to accommodate electric vehicles was GemLife Palmwoods contract holder Susan Fredrickson, a strong supporter of everything eco-friendly.

“What GemLife is doing for the good of the environment is trendsetting, and I support it 100 per cent. I plan to buy an electric car later this year and have requested a charger point be installed in my garage which will save me so much money compared to petrol vehicles,” said Susan.

While her personal experiences of driving an electric vehicle are still ahead of her, she said a close friend had driven one from Melbourne to Canberra.

“It only cost him $16 to recharge the car for the trip which makes it both cost effective and good for the environment,” Susan said.

“The biggest outlay will be for the vehicle itself although they are gradually coming down in price and there are more of them on the market with models now available from Tesla, Mini Cooper S, Volvo, Mazda and Toyota RAV.”

Read more about what to look for when shopping for an EV and where the industry is heading in the July issue of The Gem.

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