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A family affair – Turk family helped father achieve success

A family affair - Turk family helped father achieve success

The founder of electrical wholesaling company, John R Turk would be as proud of his family as they are of his ability to build a highly successful business from scratch.

The late John R Turk created a multimillion-dollar business with 23 branches and a staff of 160, but he did not do it alone. His family, which included GemLife Pacific Paradise homeowner Stephen Turk together with his four brothers and sister Gail, were with him every step of the way.

“Dad used to say to us `if it weren’t for you kids, I wouldn’t be where I am today’. Sadly, he never lived to see the true extent of what he built up, passing away at the age of 62,” said Stephen who remembers his father selling his first products out of their Sydney home’s garage.

When his father eventually started operating out of a warehouse, all the children helped after school.

“It was always a family affair and Dad was an incredible man who, despite the challenge of growing up with a crippled leg and stubbled fingers, always believed in working long and hard, and giving the best service possible to his customers. It was something he instilled in us all and was how he built a mini empire.”

Stephen said his father received such respect that loyal employees stayed for many years and became like family.

“He built the business the hard way without all the mod-cons of today such as computers and mobile phones and, if we didn’t have an item in stock, we would make ten phone calls to get it,” he said.

The family business was sold two decades ago but the family spirit and sense of mateship lives on. It is what inspired three of the siblings to settle at GemLife Pacific Paradise.

Stephen and Janis Turk were the first of the family to move into GemLife Pacific Paradise in September 2020, closely followed by his sister Gail May. Then, nine months ago brother David Turk moved up from New South Wales and also took up residence.

“We wanted to downsize from our two-storey home at Coolum and found everything we ever desired here at GemLife Pacific Paradise. Gail and David felt the same when they visited us and the rest is history,” said Stephen who could not be more delighted to have his brother and sister living so close by.

“We see each other all the time and enjoy lots of activities together. We would not be anywhere else – we just love it!”

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