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Living the dream

Lesli and Rob Bencze moved            Rachael Benham, the Highfields      they see where we live,” laughed
into GemLife Highfields at the        Sales Manager.                      Lesli. “This is not a retirement
beginning of October and are over                                         village. For us, as empty–
the moon with their new home.         “Rachael suggested we look at       nesters with the travel bug, it is
                                      some of the new display homes,”     absolutely perfect.”
Both are still working, but as        said Lesli, “and we were hooked
empty–nesters they wanted a           straight away. The designs were     Lesli and Rob are certainly
low–maintenance home that             lovely and spacious, but still low  making the most of their new
would let them embrace their          maintenance.                        lifestyle, targeting two or three
dream to travel.                                                          overseas trips each year. They
                                      “The location is convenient for     both love wildlife adventure
“We knew we were ready to             us to continue working, it’s great  holidays, and so far this year
move on from our home in Elbow        to be so close to mum, and we       they have seen rare monkeys in
Valley,” said Lesli, “but we weren’t  were both so excited about the      Vietnam and grizzly bears
sure where we wanted to move to.      incredible facilities that will be  in Alaska!
                                      available when the Country Club is
“We had renovated three homes         completed. We both want to stay     “Our next trip is to Sichuan in
before and didn’t want to do it       active and fit so we can enjoy our  China,” said Lesli. “The Tibetan
again. We were ready to               adventure holidays.”                Plateau promises some beautiful
down–size, but we didn’t                                                  scenery and wildlife. We would
want a tiny apartment.”               Some of the couple’s friends        love to see some giant Pandas in
                                      were surprised by the move,         their natural habitat!”
The planets aligned one day when      thinking they were too young for a
Lesli and Rob came to visit her       ‘retirement village’.
mother, who is also a resident
at Highfields, and got talking to     “Their opinion soon changes when

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