Who’s Who – Erin Wills

Like many residents, Erin Wills grew up in Highfields, and after moving to the coast for several years, finally returned home in the year 2000. Whilst looking after her elderly parents, Erin set up her iconic shop Herbal Harmonies next to renowned Highfields favourite – the Chocolate Cottage. Here Erin tells us a little about what she’s looking forward to when she makes the move to GemLife Highfields:

Why did you decide to settle with GemLife Highfields?

After the loss of my husband last year, I decided that I wanted to move to a community where I could make more friends and meet others who have similar interests. The idea of a traditional retirement village didn’t really appeal to me, but I realise now that GemLife resorts are different in that they are for residents who are still very active and have a vibrant social life.

I currently live on a large, one acre block, with a five-bedroom home – so it made sense to me that I would downsize to something more manageable, especially as I will continue to run my shop full time.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am definitely looking forward to the social scene at GemLife. I recently went to a couple of the community events and I was initially quite anxious to meet a lot of strangers – but that feeling quickly subsided as everyone was incredibly welcoming and kind – especially at the recent celebration luncheon. We greatly enjoyed listening to Adrian and it was wonderful being able to meet my neighbours.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

 I run the shop six days a week, so I don’t get a lot of spare time at all! I’m somewhat of a homebody in my downtime, so I do really enjoy relaxing at home with my gorgeous dog and cat and perhaps doing a little crochet or swimming. Trying new things will certainly be easy once I move into the resort!

Herbal Harmonies

At GemLife, we love to promote local businesses in the area! Since its opening, Herbal Harmonies has grown exponentially and now supplies customers locally and nationwide. Located at the Village Green, next to the Chocolate Cottage, Herbal Harmonies offers a wide range of products including skin and beauty care, exquisite gifts and timeless premium brands. Pampering yourself is easy at Herbal Harmonies!

Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday, 9am-5pm

Located: Shop 5, 10475, New England Highway, Highfields QLD 4352

Phone: 07 4698 7967

Web: www.herbalharmonies.com.au.