Who’s Who – Wendy and Bill Allen

We’re lucky here at GemLife, in that we get to talk to so many different residents, all of whom are incredibly friendly, fun, and have fascinating back-stories. In this edition of Who’s Who, we speak to Bill and Wendy Allen about their history and what they are hoping for the future:

Tell us a little about yourselves

“Wendy and I have lived on the central NSW coast for nearly all our lives. We’ve never strayed too far from the water as we both love it so much. Following our retirement ten and a half years ago, we moved to Banksia Beach at Bribie Island after friends of ours recommended the area. Needless to say, we fell in love with it! We’re now house sitting for friends in Golden Beach as we excitedly wait to move in to our new home at GemLife Bribie Island.

Why did you decide to move in with GemLife?

 “After living in Bribie Island for many years, we knew we wanted to stay in the area. We had all the normal concerns such as garden size and maintenance, so we knew downsizing was the way forward. We are a very active couple and I am very green-thumbed, so having the communal garden at GemLife allows me to still get dirt under my fingernails without having to worry about the maintenance if Wendy and I decide to go away travelling.

“Wendy and I share very similar interests, so we’re really looking forward to continuing our activities on the water, be that in the GemLife lap pool, or out boating and fishing.

What are you most looking forward to?

“We have a number of trips coming up! Recently, we drove down the New South Wales coastline into Victoria and on to Melbourne. Following that we drove back up to Wodonga, across the Murray River to Port Broughton in South Australia. We had the best snapper fishing experience of our lives there, it was unreal! On our way back, we went through Broken Hill and of course, wanted to see the Mad Max museum which disappointingly was closed – but we did have a good peek through the window!

“We’re hoping to do a lot more overseas travel in the future – we already have a trip to Japan set up and midway through next year, we have booked a river cruise through Europe. We just love the fact that at GemLife Bribie Island we can lock up our house and leave!

Have you met any of your neighbours yet?

 “Yes! Wendy and I have been to a few of the GemLife get-togethers including the recent Noosa river cruise. We’ve met plenty of new and interesting friends. In fact, we were fortunate enough to meet our neighbours – they are really great fun – and coincidentally, originate from the same suburb as Wendy and I! The social aspect of the GemLife community is fantastic; the resort really does have a huge amount to offer and we can’t wait to move in!

If you’d be interested in coming along to one of our social events at GemLife Bribie Island, call us on: 1800 193 177 or email at: [email protected]